The Moro people must continue to wage armed revolution as well as open militant mass movement in the struggle for the right to self-determination

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
September 20, 2013

Another grim chapter of the Moro people’s struggle is about to close as the combined, far-superior reactionary armed forces of the US-Aquino regime supported by US surveillance and logistics subdued and successfully vanquished the outnumbered, ill-equipped, ill-supplied forces of the MNLF, which relied only on very minimal mass support.  What is supposed to be just a show of force by Nur Misuari -- using the MNLF forces to dramatize his long lost cause and get concessions from the GPH and the Arab world to grant them their share of crumbs in the on-going “peace process” between the GPH and the MILF -- is now added to the Bud Daho, Bud Bagsak, Jabiddah and Buldon carnages.

The reckless and futile attempt of Nur Misuari and the overkill reaction of the Aquino regime cost not only billions of pesos in damage to properties and the economy in general, but, more appallingly, the lives of nearly a hundred innocent civilians and MNLF forces, including GPH mercenary troops, displacing over a hundred thousand people.

The shameless, calculated carnage perpetrated by the Aquino government, designed to divert the national attention away from the pork barrel scandal, only partly succeeded because the people’s ire against the complicity of the current regime is too reprehensible to be buried by the state’s display of ruthlessness in Zamboanga City.  We condemn the US-Aquino regime’s naked militarist brutality, particularly in handling the Zamboanga crises with an overly huge number of both AFP and PNP troops. We also condemn the GPH’s aerial bombing and strafing by military aircraft against the MNLF fighters who were clearly among the civilians, demonstrating the Aquino government’s disregard for the safety of the civilians and violating the Protocols of War.

Nur Misuari cannot wash his hands and deny his role in the fiasco, especially not when his own ambitions have gamely trifled with the lives of heroic Moro forces, and have disingenuously planted false hopes on the minds of the Moro people over what he declared last August 12 as “Bangsamoro Republic.”

The US military intervention thru its spy drone and logistical support during the siege was a gross violation of the Filipino people’s sovereignty. The US, we imagine, is only too happy with this development because it lends credence to its increased presence in the country and in the Asia-Pacific region, further bolstering its chances to push, without much impediment, its interests in Mindanao, especially in Moro areas. This scenario, if anything, assures Benigno Aquino’s US imperialist boss control of the island’s natural resources, such as the Liguasan marsh, as well as unconstrained facility and basing rights in both land and sea.

Until the reactionary regime provides the condition requisite for genuine autonomy or self-determination of the Moro people, history would only repeat itself. The reactionary regime’s divide-and-rule tactic would merely delay the fruition of the true aspirations of the Moro people, and we are most certain that, should the GPH succeed to encumber one group, others would rise in its place to continue the struggle to resolve the fundamental problems of the Moro people. It could be recalled that the MILF split from the MNLF, and presently, the BIFF from the MILF, which occurred for the reason that the MILF, quite similar to how it gauged the MNLF before it, has thrust under compromise the demands and interests of the Moro people.

Unless it becomes clear that the struggle of the Moro people is part of the national-democratic revolution and, united, they take this path, all the 13 different Moro tribes will continue to remain vulnerable to the divide-and-rule tactic of the US-Aquino regime.  And while the Moro leadership continues to ignore genuine agrarian reform advocacy on Bangsamoro land and refuse to fight against foreign intervention, particularly US intervention, vast numbers of the Moro people can never be consolidated to march as one. If the Moro struggle remains cut off from the entire national struggle, this will only give the reactionary regime the leverage to further isolate the Moro people’s struggle from the wide support of the entire Filipino nation.

Under the reactionary rule of the current regime, no other solution for the Moro problem is more feasible other than for the Moro people to launch a combination of both revolutionary armed struggle and open militant mass movement in order to reap the widespread support of the Bangsamoro as well as the entire Filipino people.

On one hand, those who have unabashedly abandoned armed struggle and yet continue to claim being revolutionaries have only found the surest way to isolate themselves from the rest of the Moro people. On the other hand, the use of terrorist tactics in achieving political goals, especially by using or targeting innocent civilians as what have happened in Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato and other parts of Mindanao, will never earn the support of the Moro people and the other sectors of the Filipino people; such methods will only sorely fail.