Support the campaign to Free All Poltical Prisoners and Resume the Peace Talks

Political Prisoners in Camp Crame
Oct 23, 2013

We, the political prisoners currently detained at Camp Crame join our compatriots, families, relatives, friends and advocates of peace and human rights in the campaign to free all political prisoners in our country.

We thank them for their solidarity visits to the various detention centers to be with the political prisoners and other detainees in commemoration of the National Correctional Consciousness Week during the last week of October.

We would like also to extend our thanks to the human rights organizations of SELDA and KARAPATAN  that will be joined by other people's organizations and friends in a solidarity caravan for the release of all political prisoners especially the detained consultants for the peace talks of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

We welcome them on October 25 here in Camp Crame and we hope to convey our message to the OPPAP, the message to resume the  peace negotiations and to our comrades at Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan Taguig, our solidarity greetings for them to resolutely fight for the rights and welfare of all political prisoners and other detention prisoners.

We reiterate our demand to the government to grant an unconditional, general, and omnibus amnesty to all political prisoners;  and to immediately resume the peace talks.

We salute our fellow political prisoners who stand by their principles and continue to struggle for justice, freedom and democracy in spite of the various threats and intimidation by the state terrorists on them and their families, relatives and friends.

We also salute our fellow political prisoners who have died while in detention and those who have been abducted and disappeared and never gave up on their nationalist and internationalist standpoints!

Free All Political Prisoners!
Grant a General,Unconditional and Omnibus Amnesty to all Political Prisoners!
Fight for Justice, Freedom  and Peace!

Political Prisoners in Camp Crame
Oct 23, 2013

Ramon Quina Argente
Renante Macatangay Gamara
Eduardo Olango Sarmiento
Eduardo Roson Serrano