[VIDEO] Eliminate corruption which weighs down on the peasant masses

Ang Bayan
21 October 2013

The vast countryside is a picture of extreme oppression and abuse. It is where millions of peasants and farm workers suffer from intensifying feudal and semifeudal exploitation and where hunger and penury are the fruits of their efforts to enrich the land and produce food. It is where they are victimized by widespread landgrabbing, back-breaking debts, and incomes that are woefully inadequate to buy even food and other basic needs.

Thus, it is doubly enraging to know that the peasants' poverty and oppression have been invoked by corrupt bureaucrat capitalists in connivance with other exploiters as pretexts to amass ever larger sums of money for themselves.

Watch on youtube: http://youtu.be/pqGTHNWOjXU