The People's Struggle for Justice

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines

Nicolai Church, Utrecht, Netherlands
23 November 2013

    We are grateful to the tribunal for giving due course
    To the people’s charges and demands,
    For heeding the people’s cry for justice
    Against the crimes that comprise the social disaster
    Aggravating the devastation by super typhoon Haiyan.

    Grave are the crimes of corruption and incompetence
    Preventing pre-disaster preparations to secure the people,
    Obscuring the sea surges with the monstrous winds
    Promising planeloads and shiploads of rescue and relief
    But making the people suffer hunger, thirst, illness and death.

    We must help raise a stronger super typhoon of the people
    To smite the imperialist criminals culpable for global warming
    And the lack of emergency shelter, food, water and medicine,
    The delay and paucity of relief and rehabilitation
    And the looting of funds and supplies by the corrupt puppets.

    We must arouse, organize and mobilize the people
    To hold assemblies to condemn the crimes and the criminals,
    To carry out the people’s judgement against the imperialists
    And their puppets who scheme and collaborate
    In robbing the people of their natural and social wealth.

    If we waver in our determination to go after the criminals,
    They will surely continue to generate their super typhoons
    Of propaganda to blame their own victims of greed and terror,
    Their super typhoons of super-exploitation and social disasters,
    Whether or not there are natural disasters.

    The vultures are hell-bent on making bigger disasters.
    The imperialists invoke Haiyan to escalate military intervention,
    To bring in more investors for exploiting the people and the land,
    And to load the country with a heavier debt burden
    In the name of reconstruction but in fact to benefit themselves.

    The criminals continue to hold sway and make people suffer
    The long accumulated and ever growing injustices:
    The violence of perpetuated aggression, oppression and plunder.
    These will not cease until the people themselves end them
    In a super typhoon that will topple the entire unjust system.

    The people’s struggle for justice continues to move forward
    As it confronts and overcomes one social disaster after another
    Until it can overthrow the entire disastrous system of injustice
    And build a new Philippines that will enjoy independence, democracy,
    Development, social justice, peace and international solidarity.