Magno Udyaw
NPA-Mountain Province
24 November 2013

Since 13 November 2013 up to the present time, joint military operations are being jointly conducted by the 50th IB Philippine Army (PA) and the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB)-CAR of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in parts of Sagada, Bontoc, Tadian, Sadanga and Besao in the Mountain Province, as well as in Tubo and Boliney, Abra and Quirino and Cervantes in Ilocos Sur. The operating troops from the 50th IB were struck twice by elements of the Leonardo Pacsi Command in the area of Mt. Amtinangad, Tubo, on the morning of November 15 and in the afternoon of November 16, wounding 3 of the fascist troops. There were no casualties on the side of the NPA.

The Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC) condemns the human rights violations resulting from these military operations which are being spearheaded by the Commanding Officer (CO) of the 50th IB Lt. Col. Richard Sibayan and the CO of the RPSB-CAR Chief Superintendent Benjamin Magalong. The worst violation was committed against two (2) small-scale miners working in Baclingayan, Tubo, Abra who were shot by the fascist troops and then tied and detained last November 16. The 2 miners held up their hands as they approached but were nevertheless fired upon. One of the miners named ‘Dalanen’, from Bangaan, Sagada, sustained a gunshot wound in the leg.

Prior to this incident, the military troops stationed at Barangay Bangaan, Northern Sagada fired their guns indiscriminately on November 14, from evening until dawn. They also prevented workers from going to their workplace in order to continue the construction of the Buasao Irrigation System, thus causing delay of the project. In addition to this, the military aimed their guns at residents of Bangaan, including a minor and a foreign national (married to a local resident) who went to check on his animal traps in an area where the military were camping. The residents, especially the minor, were left traumatized.

In the communities of northern Sagada, the AFP and PNP troops continue to prevent the people from going to their farms, pasture lands, mine sites, hunting grounds and forest areas.  A youth named ‘Tambarong’ from Belwang,Sadanga was also illegally detained by them. This is happening even as the peoples of the Mountain Province have barely recovered from the irresponsible bombing and strafing conducted by the Philippine Army in the areas of Aguid, Sagada and Bontoc last September.

At present, widespread militarization continues in West Mountain Province and in adjacent areas of SouthAbra. Four columns of operating troops are spread out in the mountains and forests between Sadanga and Tubo, in Mt. Datakan just above Bangaan, Sagada, Lake Danum between Sagada and Besao (which is a regular route for public vehicles), and in Kin-iway in PoblacionBesao (where military vehicles are parked). Military helicopters and airplanes fly around these areas daily.

Just last month, the 50th IB PA prevailed upon the Local Government Units of the Mountain Province to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) formalizing their alleged cooperation in working for ‘peace and development’ through Oplan Bayanihan’s counter-insurgency clear-hold-consolidate-develop approach. The PA deceived and coerced 5 mayors, except for Mayor Odsey of Bontoc, to sign the said MOA. Now the true objective of this MOA has been exposed –to facilitate widespread military operations while mobilizing additional support from the RPSB-CAR and Municipal Police Stations, and at the same time setting aside the communities’ right to unrestricted movement and economic activities. The blatant objective of the MOA is to stifle the growing revolutionary movement in the Mountain Province and among all Igorots and to pacify the Cordilleran communities who continue to fight for their right to their ancestral domain and resources.

Alongside the widespread military operations, also ongoing are the maneuverings of large-scale mining and energy companies to establish themselves in the Mountain Province. The presence of the military facilitates the exploitation of community resources for private gain. On the other hand, the entry of capitalist interests serves to worsen the exploitation suffered by the national minorities, the violation of their individual and collective rights, the use of locals as soldiers/ police and CAFGU against their own ka-ilyan, and the destruction of the peoples’ livelihood.

This is a wake-up call for LGU officials to denounce the MOA between them and the AFP. It is but correct to rescind this MOA which only serves to utilize the LGUs against their own constituents. In the short period since the MOA was signed, so many human rights violations have already occurred. The MOA’s true aim is to coopt the civilian bureaucracy (as represented by the LGUs and the PNP) into aiding and abetting the violence and fascism designed by the AFP Command. This is in stark contrast to the higher mandate that is held by civilian authorities and local government executives over the direction and actions of the PNP under them.

The present duet of the 50th IB PA and the RPSB, under the joint connivance of Lt. Col. Sibayan and Chief Superintendent Magalong, has been proven to be of no benefit whatsoever to the people, and instead brings about worsening harassment, intimidation and deception. Just like the sinking ship of their boss Noynoy Aquino and US Imperialism, OplanBayanihan is a desperate attempt to suppress the growing unity of the Cordillera peoples and of the entire nation. The numerous fascist troops that have been deployed in the Mountain Province and Abra only serves to cover up their defeat in the face of the ever-growing NPA and revolutionary masses. The successful NPA offensives, from the Tadian ambush conducted last June, the encounter in Sagada-Bontoc in August and now the November 15-16 ambushes, as well as other offensives in nearby provinces and regions, continue to haunt the AFP. 

The Leonardo Pacsi Command and other units of the NPA will continue their military victories and the all-sided advance of the revolutionary movement, especially agrarian revolution and the expansion of revolutionary mass organizations.

*Strengthen our revolutionary ranks!
Fetad against Oplan Bayanihan!
Fetad against the capitalist greed of large-scale mining and energy companies!
Fetad against the exploitation of national minorities!*


Kondenaren ti Agrurutap a Panaglabsing iti Karbengan Pangtao nga Inbunga iti Nasaknap nga Operasyon ti 50th IB ken RPSB iti West MP ken Tubo, Abra!

Magno Udyaw - Tagapagsarita,LPC
Nobyembre 24, 2013

Manipud Nobyembre 13, 2013 agingga na iti agdama, agtultuloy  ti joint military operations ti 50th IB Philipine Army  ken ti Regional Public Safety Battalion -CAR iti paset ti Sagada, Bontoc, Sadanga   ken Besao, iti Mt. Province ken iti Tubo, Abra.  Iti panagserrek dagiti tropa ti 50th IB,  namindua a daras a nabira dagiti operating troops da iti paset ti  Mt Lamagan,Tubo idi Nobyembre 16 iti agsapa ken malem ti Nobyembre 17 a nakasugatan ti tallo a soldados.  Awan ti kaswalti  iti biang  dagiti kakadua a nangbira kadakuada.   

Konkondenaren ti LPC ti ranggas a gappuanan daytoy nga operasyon nga idadauloan ti CO ti 50th IB PA a ni Lt Col Richard Sibayan, ken ti CO ti RPSB-CAR a ni Chief Supt Benjamin  Magalong. Kakaruan a ranggas iti masa ti iresponsable a  panangpaltog, panangsugat ket pananggapos dagiti Army ken RPSB iti dua a mangngusok iti Baclingayan, Tubo, Abra idi November 17.  Iti laksid  ti pannangitayag  ti ima dagiti 2 tapno ipakaammo kadagiti soldados a saan da a lumaban ket pinaltogan da latta isuda.  Natamaan ti maysa a saka ni  “Dalanen”  – a taga Bangaan, Sagada.   Kalpasanna ket  ginapos ti soldados ti kaanakan na, ken tinengngel da isuda.  Sakbay na pay daytoy a  pasamak,  nagputok-putok dagiti tropa ti RPSB ken army nga nagpwesto iti ngato ti Brgy Bangaan, Northern Sagada iti rabii ti Nobyemre 14 ken iti kinabigatanna.  Tinaktak met dagiti nasao nga tropa dagiti  trabahador nga agisimsimpa ti tubo ti danum iti Buasao Irrigation  System babaen iti panangiparit da nga mapan agtrabaho. Isu a matantantan ti pannakaileppas ti proyekto.  Nayon na pay,tinutukan da ti paltog ti dua nga menor de edad a taga-Bangaan ken maysa a foreigner a naikamang iti lugar  nga mapan mangkita iti silo da iti pwesto nga inokupar dagiti militar, napalalo a trauma ti epekto na kadagiti babbarito. Kadagiti barbaryo ti northern Sagada, agtultuloy ti panangiparit dagiti pupulis ken soldados kadagiti umili a mapan kadagiti paypayew, um-uma, pagpastoran, pag-usokan, pag-ugingan, paganupan ken pagkayyoan a makaapekton iti kabiagan ti umili. Nayon pay ti panangtengngel da keni “Tambarong”,  maysa a baro a taga Belwang, Sadanga.  Dagitoy ket bayat a saan pay laeng a nakaanges ti Mt Province manipud iti naudi nga iresponsable a panagbombomba ken strafing ti Phil Army iti sakop ti Aguid, Sagada ken paset ti Bontoc kadaytoy laeng Setyembre. gagaraen da ti ag-operasyon a mangdidigra iti umili.

Iti agdama,tuloy-tuloy ti militarisado a kasasaad ti West Mountain Province ken iti nagbeddengan ti abagatan nga Abra. Nakapwesto ti uppat a column ti operating troops kadagiti bantay ken bakir ti baet ti Sadanga ken Tubo,Mt Buasao,Mt Datakan a ngatoen mismo ti Bangaan,Sagada,Lake Danum iti baet ti Sagada ken Besao ken regular a ruta ti pampasahero ken pampubliko a lugan, Kin-iway poblacion Besao no sadino a nakaparada dagiti behikulo pang-militar.Inaldaw met ti panagrikrikos dagiti helikopter ken eroplano a pangbomba da.

Maipalagip nga iti kallabes a bulan ket pinuwersa ti 50th IB ti Phil Army dagiti Local Government Units iti Mt Province a pumirma iti Memorandum of Agreement  tapno agtinnulong da kanu a mangitunda ti “peace and development”  iti probinsya babaen ti Oplan Bayanihan  counter-insurgency clear-hold-consolidate-develop approach . Inallilaw ken binutbuteng da ti lima a mayores malaksid ken Mayor Odsey ti Bontoc tapno umannamong iti nasao a katulagan. Itan makita ti pudno a kaipapanan ti MOA- ti panag-inget ti  military operations ti  Phil Army a danggayan ti RPSB-CAR ken dagiti  Municipal Police Stations (MPS) ken panangiwalin kadagiti karbengan ti umili ti nawaya a panagtignay ken panagtrabaho.  Ti nalatak a panggep da ket tapno maparmek  ti pumigpigsa a rebolusyonaryo a tignayan iti MP ken kaigorotan ken tapno mapagtalna dagiti umili  iti Cordillera a mangilablaban kadagiti karbengan da iti ansestral a dagdaga ken kinabaknang. 

Kasilpo na pay, madama dagiti maniobra dagiti kumpanya ti minas ken enerhiya, ket karaman a taktika da ti ranggas militar  tapno ipilit ti panagnegosyoda a manggamgam kadagiti nalalawa a dagdaga ken manggamrud kadagiti rekurso para iti bukod da a panagbaknang.  Iti bangir na, mangpakpakaro  daytoy iti  sagsagrapen  ti umili a minorya a pannakaidadanes, pannakalabsing dagiti individual and collective rights, pannakausar kadagiti kakailian nga ag-soldado/pulis/cafgu kontra iti bukod da nga ili, pannakadangran ken pannakaapektar ti pagbiagan .  

Maysa a karit daytoy kadagiti opisyales ti LGUs tapno mariing ken labanan ti kontra-umili a panggep ti MOA nga napirmaan. Rumbeng a waswasen ti MOA gapu ta idurduron na dagiti opisyales nga idadanes dagiti bukod da a kakailian nga inda sinapataan a pagserbian.  Iti apagbiit pay laeng a tiempo manipud ti pannakapirma ti MOA  ket addan dagiti nadangran a kakailian.  Ti bugas ti kaipapanan ti MOA ket pannakaipauneg ti sibilyan a burukrasya wenno dagiti LGUS ken PNP iti disenyo a giyera ken pasismo ti AFP command, idinto nga nalawag a nangatngato ti mandato dagiti civilian authority ken iggem ti Local Executives ti direksyon ken aksyon ti PNP iti sakop da. 

Ti madama a dueto ti 50th IB ken RPSB ken ti panagkumplot da Lt Col Sibayan ken Gen Magalong ket napnuan sintunado a tono gapu ta awan ti pagsayaatan ti umili nga ibunga na no di ket nakarkaro a kinaranggas,pamutbuteng ken panangallilaw. Kas met laeng ti lumlumned a bangka ti amo da a ni Noynoy ken ti lumlumned a bileg ti kangrunaan nga amo nga imperyalista a US,desperado nga plano ti Oplan Bayanihan tapno lappedan ti pumigpigsa a tignayan ti umili iti Kordilyera ken iti intero a pagilian. Ti kinaagpayso na, ti maskara ti kinarungsot ken kinaadu ti tropa nga inbuyat da iti probinsiya ket pangtapal iti pannakaibabain ken pannakapaayda a mangparmek iti New People’s Army ken rebolusyonaryo nga umili. Al-alia kadakuada dagiti naimballigian nga opensiba militar ti NPA manipud iti ambush idiay Tadian idi Hunyo,ti labanan iti baet ti Sagada-Bontoc idi Agosto ken kadaytoy pannakabira da iti Nobyembre 16 ken 17, kasta met kadagiti kabangibang a probinsiya ken rehiyon. Ti LPC ken ti nadumaduma a kumand ti NPA iti Kordilyera ket agtultuloy a mangisangbay kadagiti balligi militar kabayatan ti amin a benneg a panag-abante ti rebolusyonaryo a tignayan ti umili nangruna ti agraryo a rebolusyon ken panangitakder kadagiti rebolusyonaryo nga organisasyong masa. 

Pabilegen ti panagkaykaysa ti amin a kakailian!
Fetad laban iti Oplan Bayanihan! 
 Fetad laban kadagiti bukatot a dadakkel a kumpanya iti  pagminasan ken enerhiya!
Fetad laban iti nailian a pannakaidadanes!