The Heinous Crimes of Demetrio “Hugo”Capilastique, Jr

NDFP-Panay Region
December 31, 2013

Demetrio (a.k.a. “Hugo”) Capilastique, Jr., Regional Commander of RPA-ABB in Panay met his death yesterday, December 30, 2013, around 4:30 pm, at Linayuan, Badiangan, Iloilo when he resisted against the arresting unit of the New People’s Army. The arresting officers of the NPA were obliged to defend themselves and neutralized Capilastique’s resistance being a dangerous criminal.

The NPA was carrying out a police action to arrest Capilastique and bring him to the People’s Court to face the charges against him. The order to arrest him was issued by the People’s Court-Panay under the authority of the People’s Provisional Government. There are parties who are interested to investigate Capilastique about the accusations against him, including cases of kidnapping and the whereabouts of those they have abducted who are still missing.

Records from the People’s Court-Panay, showed some of the heinous crimes which Capilastique had a direct hand in or were executed under his command.

1. He was one in the leadership of those who committed the crime of mutiny against the legitimate leadership of the Party and NPA in the Southern Front in 1994.

2. He took part in planning the abduction of Luisa Posa and Nilo Arado at Oton in April 12, 2007, both were open mass leaders of progressive organizations in Panay and are still missing.

3. The killing of Atty. Edgar Calizo in Kalibo, Aklan in 2004

4. The killing of Jessie Cabalfin, a businessman at Buga, Leon in 2005.

5. The killing of Antonio Camiring and son Hilbert of Pepe, Leon in December 23, 2006.

6. The killing of a civilian named Ruel Tamano of Isauan, Tigbauan in 1994.

7. The killing of Virgilio Tubellera of sityo Lomboy, Bagacay, Tigbauan, 1995.

8. The killing of Rogelio Tabion of barangay Hamog, Leon in 1996.

9. The killing of Hernani Templo at sityo Lomboy, Bagacay, 1998.

10. The killing of Manuel Tacan of Ayubo, Tubungan, 1998.

11. The killing of Fred Cayapa of Cansilayan, Tigbauan, 2001.

12. The killing of Jimmy Gilange of Binanwaan, Camangahan, Guimbal, 2002.

13. He took part in planning the kidnapping and killing of Leovic Gutierrez, a mountaineer from Metro Manila, in the mountains of Aklan in 2003.

14. The killing of Juanito Lutero (1998) and Barangay Captain Jerry Colaja of Barangay Quipot, Janiuay; and also Miao Aportadera in order to control the quarrying business and extortion racket long the Suage

15. He was involved in the 2002 kidnapping case of Jefferson Tan, son of a businessman in Iloilo.

Capilastique’s mercenary gang are being coddled and protected by the AFP and the police in order to do paid and ”dirty jobs” for them. This is the reason why Capilastique’s gang was audacious enough to ambush even elements of the police of Janiuay in Brgy Patong-patong in March 29, 2008. A policeman was killed and two others were injured. But no one from the RPA-ABB was ever arrested and convicted of this crime. Aside from killings, Capilastique is also notorious in running a protection racket by extorting money from business people and barangay officials in different barrios under their control. Whoever refuses to submit would be punished by hold-up if not murder.

Since 1994 to the present Capilastique’s bandit gang has committed murder and extortion in the towns of Tigbauan, Leon, Tubungan, Guimbal, Janiuay, San Joaquin in the province of Iloilo; in the towns of Ibajay, Buruanga, Makato and Kalibo in Aklan and in Sibalom and Culasi in Antique.

The biggest racket of Capilastique is in controlling quarry operations at Suage River. The killing of Jerry Colaja of Quipot, Janiuay was over the control of quarry at the Suage. Capilastique extorts P10 per truck of sand from quarry concessionaires aside from having his own quarry business. Capilastique has never been arrested for extortion but rather does it brazenly. The collapse of Suage Bridge wrought by supertyphoon Yolanda last November 8 was in fact due to uncontrolled quarrying. Not a single municipal official of Janiuay nor any provincial official ever complained and proposed a law to put an end to this ruinous quarrying.