End Aquino's corrupt, puppet and brutal rule

Ang Bayan
7 January 2014

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Ever since Benigno Aquino III was exposed as the Pork Barrel King and his criminal negligence of the people's welfare bared in the face of successive disasters last year, the Filipino people's demand for an end to his corrupt, puppet and brutal reign has gained strength and breadth.

T‬he Filipino people are thoroughly fed up with three years of Aquino's lies about his so-called clean governance and delivery of public services to the people. Gross corruption is as brazen as ever, especially in the form of favors given by the Aquino government to big businessmen for project contracts.

Despite Aquino's protestations, it has also come to light how he has been using hundreds of billions of pesos of MalacaƱang funds to bribe politicians into hewing to his set agenda, such as the ouster of former Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona.

The demand for Aquino's ouster or forcible resignation grows stronger and wider as the ruling regime blocks genuine land reform and landgrabbing cases mount, including the forcible eviction of peasants from the Aquino-Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita no less.

Despite the toiling masses' abject poverty, Aquino persists in turning a deaf ear to the demand for raising the workers' daily minimum wage. He continues to reject demands for national industrialization. The widespread problem of a lack of decent and regular work bears heavily on the people.

The prices of food, oil, electricity and other commodities and services are on a swift, upward spiral. Urban poor communities are being demolished at a rapid pace to give way to infrastructure projects of big corporations and businessmen close to Aquino.

The SSS and Philhealth have been requiring higher contributions since the start of the year after executives of these government-controlled corporations received million-peso bonuses. Aquino justified these moves as part of a package of upgraded services. In fact, it is a cover-up for the dwindling budgets being allocated to health and other social services.

Under Aquino, US military basing in the Philippines has been strengthened and broadened. Thousands of American troops are stationed on a rotational basis at any given time in the Philippines and are linked to thousands of other American troops in various other US bases in the Asia-Pacific. More military bases for the US are being built, among them the facilities at Subic Naval Base in Zambales and Oyster Bay Naval Base in Palawan for the exclusive use of growing numbers of warships, jetfighters and other US war materiel.

To comply with the requirements for Philippine membership in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a number of Aquino's minions in Congress are maneuvering to effect amendments to the 1987 constitution. They call for the further surrender of Philippine national patrimony to provide a wider berth for foreign capitalist investors to own land, run businesses, engage in plunder and amass profits.

With US support, the Aquino regime is relying further on military suppression to prevent the people from launching widespread protests and wage resistance to corruption, puppetry and antipeople policies. The Aquino regime has failed in its declared objective of reducing the New People's Army to inconsequentiality by 2013. In a bid to suppress the Filipino people's mass struggles and armed struggle, we can expect more brutal military onslaughts and abuses in times to come.

It is not only the toiling masses who are completely fed up with the Aquino regime, but even the middle strata of small professionals, teachers, government employees, the youth, the media and small- and medium-scale businessmen. They are disgusted with the never-ending shibboleths and gimmickry which Aquino and his PR experts have failed to translate into actual changes in the people's lives. Their loathing for the Aquino regime is extreme in the face of their poverty even as the ruling classes wallow in wealth and luxury.

Conditions are favorable for rapidly building the people's unity against the Aquino regime. Conflicts among rival factions of the ruling class will rear their ugly heads anew and further cause Aquino's isolation from the people.

Last year, Aquino could not help but be at the center of the maelstrom of the people's anger against the pork barrel and corruption and against the government's failure to swiftly address the people's needs during disasters. This year, there is further cause to make Aquino the narrowest target of the people's rage through protests and mass struggles.

The people's growing demands for an end to Aquino's rule will lead him and his clique to cling more fiercely to power. Aquino will do everything to remain in power, not only until 2016 but beyond, in order to avoid being held to account for plunder and for crimes against humanity because of his armed forces' brutal suppression of the people.

All the revolutionary and progressive forces must train their energies on realizing the Filipino people's demand for the ouster or forcible resignation of Benigno Aquino III. The youth, the workers, the urban poor and other sectors must be mobilized in ever bigger protest movements against corruption and Aquino's policies that have been a bane to the people.

Under the CPP's direction, the NPA must launch more frequent and bigger tactical offensives to annihilate weak enemy units and seize more weapons. In the coming years, all NPA commands must plan to surpass the previous levels of arms seizures from the reactionary military, paramilitary and police forces.

Strengthening the movement to put an end to Aquino's corrupt, puppet and brutal rule must be undertaken alongside the intensification of people's war nationwide. The CPP must lead the intensification of revolutionary armed struggle while advancing struggles for land reform and consolidating the mass base.