JOMA: 55/75

Sine Proletaryo
February 8, 2014
[with English and Pilipino subtitles]


Sine Proletaryo presents "JOMA: 55/75", a 21-minute video which provides a broad overview of the 55 years of revolutionary service of Jose Ma. Sison, founding chair of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), on the occasion of his 75th birthday on February 8, 2014. The video features underground youth and workers activists, NPA Red fighters, leaders of the CPP and NDF, NDF peace consultants and advocates of anti-imperialism whose insights provide a glimpse of the profound significance of Ka Joma's life of service to the Filipino proletariat and international communist movement.

The video features the song "Malipayong Adlaw", a song by Agaw Armas, a revolutionary cultural group from the Southern Mindanao Region, typically sang by Red fighters to greet the morning of a comrade's birthday to further boost their revolutionary spirit.

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