True face of the 41st IB: Violence and human rights violations

Diego Wadagan
Agustin Begnalen Command (NPA-Abra)
24 February 2014

After the firefight between the NPA and the 41st IB, AFP in Barangay Lenneng, Licuan-Baay, Abra, on February 16, the 41st IB committed a series of human rights violations against innocent civilians while conducting combat operations.

February 19, 2014 –The Bravo Coy, 41st IB led by 1st Lt. De Los Santos arrived in Brgy. Lenneng and conducted warrantless illegal searches of houses and conducted warrantless interrogations.  A particular incident involved the Barangay Captain whose entire house was searched, and even his computer illegally searched claiming that the NPA surely left data when they used the unit.  The soldiers even confiscated certain properties of the Barangay Captain, which they eventually returned.  Similar acts were committed by the soldiers at Sitio Killeng, of the same Barangay.

February 22, 2014 – At about 1PM, soldiers detained Freddie Ligiw at Sitio Patong, a miner and resident of Brgy Sucao.  He was illegally detained and interrogated, and was forced to guide the soldiers towards Mt. Inuman.  He was then held captive near their swidden farm, while others illegally searched Freddie Ligiw’s nipa hut.  The soldiers confiscated a shotgun commonly used by locals for hunting.  He was released at 8pm.

These incidents unmasked the never-changing true character of the AFP’s counter-insurgency or “internal security” operations.  Illegal searches, interrogation, detention, and intimidation are acts concomitant with AFP operations, that terrorize the populace and are clear violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws, which are condoned by the reactionary civilian government officials.

The people should fight for their rights.  These human rights violators should be held liable in civilian courts of the reactionary as well as revolutionary and indigenous courts; international courts could even be tapped as venues.  These human rights violations only serve to strengthen the people’s unity, commitment and perseverance against the reactionary government of the ruling classes.  Ultimately, the people’s revolutionary unity will be decisive in fighting for the truth and establishing the People’s Revolutionary Government!

Punish the fascist AFP for human rights violations!

Dismantle and evict all detachments and camps of the AFP!

Advance the recognition of the rights of the people through the national democratic revolution!