Block the US-Aquino regime's cha-cha scheme

7 March 2014
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The Filipino people face a great battle in their historic defense of the nation's sovereignty. Their enemy in this battle is the puppet Aquino regime which is now going all-out in pushing for changes in the provisions of the reactionary 1987 constitution in accordance with US imperialist desires.

Aquino has pulled all stops in using government funds to fuel the cha-cha train.

The entire people must take action and unite to block and derail this scheme by the US-Aquino regime whose end is no other than to condemn the Philippines to new depths of foreign exploitation and plunder.

In just two weeks and after only a few hearings, Aquino's minions at the Lower House of Congress passed a resolution calling for constitutional change. Aquino's people hope that the cha-cha resolution will also be rapidly approved by the House in plenary, just as laws and resolutions pushed by Aquino had likewise been passed posthaste in exchange for fund pledges in the form of projects.

The US government has been brazenly intervening in goading the Philippines into amending the 1987 constitution and has imposed this on the Aquino regime as a condition for joining the US Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a pact being forged by the US that would lock the Philippines in an unequal trade relationship with the US. The Aquino regime wants to make sure that the cha-cha train runs full speed so it could brag about it to its master Barack Obama who is scheduled to visit this April.

Once the Aquino regime's cha-cha scheme pushes through, foreign big capitalists will be given free rein to own land and run their businesses within the country. This can only worsen foreign domination over the economy and pave the way for widespread mining operations and the plunder of the country's resources by foreign big capitalists and their big comprador bourgeois cohorts.

Aquino's cha-cha scheme will further impoverish the toiling masses, worsening the widespread displacement of the peasant masses who will further be deprived of land to till, and aggravating the eviction of minority peoples from their ancestral lands. Already massive landgrabbing by big landlords in connivance with big foreign agribusiness companies and vast export-oriented plantations will become even more widespread.

The conditions of the Filipino worker masses will also worsen. It is a declared objective of Aquino's cha-cha to attract foreign investments. Along with granting foreign capital the entire gamut of investment and property rights, the ruling state will further pull down workers' wages even if these are already severely inadequate to support the daily needs of a typical family.

Local capital will be further decimated. For the past several decades, areas of the economy where national bourgeois capital and operations could still exist have progressively dwindled. Local capital has virtually been wiped out amid the all-out investment and trade liberalization of the past three decades. With the cha-cha plans, one can expect the eventual extinction of the local bourgeoisie or its complete devourment by foreign capital.

To make the cha-cha scheme palatable, the Aquino regime has been claiming that the key to economic progress is to attract foreign investments. This justification has been bandied about for more than 50 years by reactionary economists and the IMF-World Bank. But it has become crystal clear that the pro-imperialist economists' repeated claim that the massive entry of foreign investments is the solution to widespread unemployment is a big lie.

This was the same reasoning invoked by the US in 1946 when it pushed the Parity Rights amendment granting equal rights to foreigners to own land and businesses in the Philippines. In fact, Aquino is merely restoring Parity Rights to Americans and other foreign big capitalists. Aquino's cha-cha measures constitute a big step backward, and are further worsening the semicolonial status of Philippine economy and society. It will aggravate the backward and foreign capital-dependent agrarian economy that is tied to the crisis-ridden international capitalist system.

The cha-cha scheme will further exacerbate the neocolonial status of the reactionary state. The ruling classes will become even more dependent on foreign capital, leading to an even tighter stranglehold by foreign monopolies on the ruling landlord-big comprador bourgeois state.

The forthcoming battle against the cha-cha scheme is indeed a historic one, ushering in a major shift in the country's economic and political course.

The Filipino people must fight a great battle against the US-Aquino regime's cha-cha scheme. A widespread political education campaign must be launched in the next few months to revive the spirit of patriotism, shatter the illusion of neoliberalism and expose the damage to the economy and the people's livelihoods wrought by decades of implementing the policies of liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization.