Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the NPA

Ang Bayan
21 March 2014

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At high noon of March 29, 2014, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the New People's Army (NPA), the NPA commands in the regions, subregions and fronts will fall in formation to parade and salute the flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NPA, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the People's Democratic Government.

As these flags wave high, and before the collective public singing of the Internationale, the Red fighters will give a 21-gun salute to pay the highest honors to all fallen Red commanders and fighters of the NPA and the heroes and martyrs of the national-democratic revolution of the Filipino people. This is likewise a salute to all its commanders and fighters and all revolutionaries who have long been in service to advance the people's war.

Their sacrifices serve as their contributions to the Filipino people's quest to achieve great victories in advancing the national-democratic revolutionary struggle. Let us hail them as exemplars of selfless service to the people for present and future generations of revolutionaries and fighters. Let us remember and etch their names onto the monument to be built by the Filipino people at the moment of victory of the people's democratic revolution.

Let us use the coming 45th anniversary of the NPA's founding to celebrate the people's victories in waging  revolutionary armed struggle, in advancing agrarian revolution to dismantle land monopoly and improve the conditions of the peasant masses and in building the organs of people's democratic government.

From nine automatic rifles upon its founding in 1969, the NPA is well on its way to having 10,000 high-powered firearms. The strength of thousands of NPA Red fighters spread out in more than 110 guerrilla fronts covering significant portions of 71 provinces is amplified several times over by tens of thousands of people's militias and hundreds of thousands of the masses' self-defense forces. The CPP looks forward to the NPA's rapid expansion to 25,000 fighters and the growth in the number of its guerrilla fronts to 200, covering every rural congressional district. This, as guerrilla warfare advances and more weapons are seized from the enemy.

Such growth in strength and advance presents the clearest proof of the correctness of the general line of people's democratic revolution through protracted people's war. The revolutionary forces have overcome and achieved victories against the most brutal forms of reaction, including the latest campaigns of suppression and deception unleashed by US imperialism and its puppets.

The countryside continues to blaze with peasant struggles to implement the revolutionary movement's minimum and maximum programs of land reform. For the past four decades and a half, millions have benefited from reduced land rent, higher wages for farm workers, just prices for agricultural products at the farmgate, higher production, land distribution, the adoption of various forms of cooperation and the establishment of communal farms. The NPA has also been able to expand the land available for agrarian revolution by causing the departure, neutralizing or preventing the expansion of destructive mining and logging companies as well as plantations growing crops for export. Thus, it has likewise mitigated destruction to the environment and to agriculture and the depletion of natural resources and preserved these for the people's future.

Hundreds of thousands of people are under the jurisdiction of organs of people's democratic government at the barrio and inter-barrio or municipal level where economic, organizational, defense, educational and health programs are being implemented. The people are mobilized to maintain peace and order against repression and criminality and to prepare for and address natural disasters. The revolutionary mass base is continually being expanded and deepened until the ultimate objective of people's war to advance the people's democratic government wave upon wave is achieved and the people's democratic government becomes capable of supplanting and completely smashing  the reactionary state.

The Filipino people have also achieved notable victories in advancing democratic mass struggles even as they advance the struggle for national and social liberation.

The relentlessly worsening crisis of the ruling system opens up excellent opportunities for the revolutionary movement's further advance. It will not be long before the conjured up illusion of economic development will be shattered and an even bigger crisis of widespread unemployment, soaring prices and more wretched economic conditions among the people will explode.

Let us use the celebration of the NPA's 45th anniversary to prepare for the launching of ever bigger struggles in the future. Let us steel the NPA's determination and raise its capability to intensify guerrilla warfare nationwide to advance people's war towards the strategic stalemate in a few years' time and aim for complete victory in the final stage of the strategic offensive.