KM condemns Tiamzons' capture, part of Aquino's bienvenida gift to Obama

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan
March 22, 2014

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM), revolutionary mass organization of the youth condemns in the highest terms the illegal arrest of Ka Wilma Austria-Tiamzon and Benito Tiamzon, and other comrades by the combined forces of the Philippine military, CIDG and local police in Cebu.

"Almost three weeks before the reported arrival of US President Obama, the Aquino is one by one revealing the bienvinida gift to Obama like a very true lackey," said KM spokesperson Ma. Laya Guerrero.

KM demands the unconditional release of the Tiamzons who also serve as NDFP consultants.

According to KM, the arrest of the Ka Wilma and Benito Tiamzons and companions are so far on Aquino's palpable top list of gifts to US imperialism, including the increased presence and stationing of United States armed forces and lethal weapons in the shores and land of the country, and the push for Charter change in favor of full foreign equity to land, services and investments in the country in exchange of Aquino's pogi points.

"The AFP's and the fascist Aquino regime claims that the revolution will be crippled with their capture of the Tiamzons is sinking propaganda."

"So long as the country is mired with poverty and injustice, so long as the Aquino government stinks with corruption and never heed the peoples most basic needs and rights, the more youth will rise up and seek for revolutionary change."

"So long as ordinary people face the oppressive pangs of the state forces under the fascist Oplan Bayanihan, the more youth will emerge, embrace revolution and join the formidable ranks of the New Peoples Army to overthrow this rotten system maintained by Aquino regime and his military," said Guerrero.