NDFP-Laguna condemns the illegal arrest and continued detention of Andrea Rosal and her companions!

Gregorio “Ka Roger” Asedillo
April 21, 2014

The NDFP-LAGUNA and the entire revolutionary movement in the province of Laguna condemns in the strongest possible terms the illegal arrest and continued detention of the Andrea Rosal, the eldest daughter of the late Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal. Andrea Rosal together with her companion Mr. Rafael de Guzman and Barangay Captain Ruben Gatchalian were illegally arrested last March 27, 2014 in Barangay 169, Caloocan City by the combined forces of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) and the National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Organized Crime Division (NBI-AOCD).

Andrea was in Caloocan City to visit her ob-gyn for a medical check up when she was illegally arrested on a trumped up charges of kidnapping and murder. She is 8 months pregnant and due for delivery within this month. She needs constant medical attention and should be brought to a medical facility instead of being in a detention cell.

The AFP arrested Andrea as a payback for their failure to catch her beloved father and mother alive. What the AFP failed to do to her parents, they seek to accomplish by arresting Andrea. This is the second illegal arrest done by the AFP to Andrea Rosal. She was abducted by the AFP Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM), then headed by Gen. Galido, when she was 5 years old to force his father to surrender. It was only after the continued protest of her grandmother and Ka Roger through the media that AFP was forced to release her. This is also the second arrest of Andrea under an Aquino Regime. She was first arrested last 1989 during the term of Cory Aquino Regime when she was still a child. This time, she is arrested again by the regime of Noynoy Aquino, the brutal son of Cory Aquino. What the mother failed, the fascist son wants to accomplish by arresting an innocent pregnant woman on a trumped of charges.

Andrea is innocent of the charges filed against her by the fascist Aquino Government. For the past 31 years, she lived the life of an ordinary woman avoiding the limelight so as not to give the AFP the chance to use her as bait to arrest her parents and be used by AFP as propaganda against the revolutionary movement. She was never involved in any case of murder and kidnapping. Her only crime is that of being the eldest daughter of the former CPP-NPA spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal whom the AFP hated so much for representing effectively the revolutionary cause. Her continued detention is a clear violation of her rights as a woman.

The claim of the AFP that she is the secretary of the Komiteng Larangang Gerilya-Sub-Regional Military Area in Southern Tagalog is a malicious lie and baseless accusation done to justify her arrest and continuous detention. We were informed by concerned citizens and from friends among local government officials in Laguna before she was arrested that the military was circulating pictures of Andrea Rosal urging the residents of Laguna to inform the AFP-PNP of her whereabouts and dangling a reward money for her arrest. The AFP has a habit of arresting individuals and tagging them as ranking leader of the CPP-NPA and collecting reward money for their arrest. They did this to Mr. Rolly Panesa and his wife before. They did it again now, to Andrea Rosal and Rafael de Guzman.

The illegal arrest and continued detention of Andrea Rosal and Rafael de Guzman is a clear violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. It is also a violation of United Nation Declaration for the protection of women and children of which the Philippine government is a signatory. Andrea needs an ob-gyn and not military interrogators to attend to her needs as a pregnant woman.

We challenge the Aquino regime to respect the human rights of Andrea Rosal and Rafael de Guzman. He must order the immediate release of Andrea for her to deliver her first child in a medical facility and be taken care of ob-gyn of her own choice. We are also calling on the advocates of woman’s rights and advocates of human rights to condemn the arrest and work for Andrea’s release and her companion. The continued detention of Andrea is an attack against her as a person and as a woman.