Mayor Navarro is lying as logging is rampant in Laak villages in video footages

Ka Aris Francisco

NPA- Comval-North Davao South Agusan Sub-regional Command
May 23, 2014

Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is misrepresenting himself when he denied being part of the Big 4 logging lords. Raw footages taken by comrades (see attached) showed rampant logging in several interior roads in Brgy. Ampawid and Brgy.Andap--proof that actual logging is taking place in Laak town. Navarro attempted to absolve himself by saying that Laak was merely a transit point of trucks coming from the boundary of agusandelsur, site of logging operations.

Indiscriminate cutting of trees were also monitored in Brgy. Titoy and Datu Davao. Navarro even ordered village officials in Datu Davao to fix interior roads to facilitate logging activities which he sponsored, according to the officials themselves who reported to the New People’s Army of Navarro’s direct participation in the logging activities.

The recent capture and the humanitarian release of prisoners of war, Sgt. Jeric Curay of the 72nd Infantry Battalion and Cpl. Rogelio Rosalesof the 60th IB, thus, showed the earnestness on the side of the New People’s Army, particularly the Comval-North Davao South Agusan Sub-regional Command, to impose the People’s Democratic Government’s total log ban. 

For as long as local reactionaries like Navarro continue to make big business out of the remaining forest resources, the NPA will impose measures to protect the environment and peasants, Lumads and masses who suffer from the effects of rampant logging. Fascist troops who continue to violate human rights of peasants while plundering the forests are legitimate targets.