NPA ambuscades yield 10 fatalities in Army units stationed in Davao hinterlands

Rigoberto S. Sanchez
NPA-Southern Mindanao Regional Command
May 2, 2014

The 10th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippine has concealed the rising number of casualties of its troops in the field as they intensify psychological warfare and combat operations in Davao hinterlands. Raging against the civilians who have boldly exposed human rights abuses in the villages of Paquibato and Talaingod, Davao del Norte, the 10th ID has taken to downplaying, if not, hiding the incidents to stir terror in the minds and hearts and civilians. But no amount of cover-up can they stifle the growing armed struggle and increasing unity between the NPA and the masses, as shown in the following incidents:

* April 26, at 3pm, people’s militia discharged a command detonated explosive at Km 3, Barangay Fatima, Paquibato district, Davao City hitting the km40 vehicle of the 69th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army; two soldiers were wounded.

* April 27, at 7am, combined forces of people’s militia and the New People’s Army ambushed a platoon of the 84th IB in sitio Sled, Barangay Dalagdag some 150 meters away from the Army’s patrol base. Five were killed and eight were wounded.

* April 30, at 7am,  ambushed elements of the 84th IB in sitio Sled, Barangay Dalagdag. Three were killed and six others injured.

* May 1, at 8am, the NPA sprung upon a platoon of 69th IB in sitio Bintuin, Barangay Fatima; said Army unit attempted to raid the NPA team, but was foiled by the NPA in a 20-minute firefight. Two soldiers were killed and four were injured. Later at 3pm, in Brgy Fatima again, another soldier from 69th IB was wounded in a firefight.

The AFP is relentless in waging war against civilians by its continued hamletting in Paquibato and interfering in the civilian bureaucracy in order to control the populace. These repressive acts further inflame the masses to struggle against fascism and turn to the people’s army for protection.  As the abusive military operations continue to plague the masses, the NPA is determined to hit Army units, staging surreptitious attacks in greater latitude as possible, while the masses participate and become truly part of the people’s war.