Resist Imperialist Plunder of our Land and Resources!
Assert Our Right to Self-Determination!

Simon Naogsan
Cordillera People’s Democratic Front
23 April 2013

The Cordillera People's Democratic Front extends its warm greetings to the participants of the Cordillera Day 2014 in Guinaang, Pasil, Kalinga, as well as in the corollary Cordillera Day celebrations being held in other parts of the world by our compatriots. Revolutionary greetings are likewise extended to all national minority communities in the Cordillera region who would be present during this historic day but could not do so for whatever reasons. 

The 30th anniversary of the  Cordillera Day is significant as it portrays the steadfast growth not only of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist mass movement but also the advance of the revolutionary struggle in the region. In the course of our struggles, the commemoration of the martyrdom of Macliing Dulag was transformed into a celebration of the people's collective struggle and martyrdom of our mass leaders and Red fighters against imperialist aggression on the national minorities. Today, the Macliing Memorial Movement is our pledge to the valiant martyrs of the Cordillera people whose sacrifices and martyrdom helped advance the revolutionary struggle in the defense of the ancestral land, livelihood, rights and resources towards the eventual overthrow of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial social order ruled and maintained by the ruling class and its US imperialist master.

Corollary to the Cordillera Day memorial, the Communist Party of the Philippines has declared April 22-30 as National Sovereignty and Patrimony Week to recall the Filipino people's heroes from Andres Bonifacio to Macliing Dulag, from Amado Hernandez to Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, from Ka Bert Olalia to Ka Roger, from Teresa Magbanua to Juvy Capion, and all those who have died fighting for the Filipino people's national aspiration for true independence and democracy.

The theme "Resist Imperialist Plunder of our Land and Resources! Assert Our Right to Self-Determination", is proper and fitting as the Cordillera people once again decry the heightened plunder and outright landgrabbing of our ancestral lands to imperialist development aggression alongside the militarization of the national minority communities. 

The US-Aquino regime's NEDA list Ifugao and Apayao as two of the ten poorest provinces in the country with the other Cordillera provinces not far behind.  The Cordillera region at 1% (down from 1.3% the previous year) has the slowest growth rate in the entire country, and has the least number of paved roads at 55.7%. These statistics do not reflect the hard fact that in one province alone, Apayao, 75% of national roads are unpaved (ie. only one out of every four kilometers have asphalt or cement overlay) while Kalinga follows at 58% paved.

As with previous reactionary regimes, the US-Aquino regime continues to regard the Cordillera region as just a resource base to landgrab and exploit virtually declaring the Igorots as squatters in their own ancestral lands. Some 178 power projects covering hundreds of thousands of hectares are lined up in the region, including 170 hydropower plants and 7 geothermal plants.  It has exacerbated the expansion efforts of large scale mining interests including among others the planned upsurge of mining activities by the combined Lepanto-Goldfields in Mankayan, Benguet, the Cordillera Exploration Company Inc.-Nickel Asia. In nearby regions of Ilocos and Cagayan, similar frenzied black sand mining and dredging operations by offshore Chinese interests in the coastal areas.  

With the intensification of government neglect and social discrimination of the national minorities, the Aquino regime continues  to aggravate national oppression of the indigenous people that has reached ethnocidal levels. Like the hacendero utilizing hired guns and goons, the US-Aquino regime is now utilizing two infantry divisions under the Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom)—the 5th and 7th divisions—to exercise open terror in mowing down resistance. It is racing to surpass the culture of impunity utilized  by the previous reactionary regimes. This year alone, the military has brazenly resorted to extra-judicial killings, with the massacre of an entire family in Abra and the killing of a human rights worker in Ifugao, and two rape cases in Dilong, Tubo, Abra.

Despite the presence of eye witnesses, the 54th and 86th IBPA and the PNP's Regional Public Safety Batallion has denied its role in the murder of William Bugatti last March 25, in the busy street of Ifugao. Bugatti,  a paralegal staff of the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance and officer-in-charge of the Ifugao Research Development Center, was gunned down while on his way home along the road in Bolog, Kiangan on March 25. Likewise, despite witnesses identifying elements of the 41st IBPA as perpetrators in the massacre of the Ligiw family last March 3, the AFP  has the temerity to concoct a brazen lie that the NPA was the perpetrator. Residents of sitio Sucao, Domenglay village in Licuan-Baay, Abra, retreived the bodies of Ama Licuben Ligiw, 70, and his sons Eddie, 42 and Fermin, 30 dumped in a shallow mass grave found after four days of search. One of the victims was slated to be interviewed last March 4 by the Commission on Human Rights after a unit of the 41st IB forced him to serve as guide and human shield during their combat operation last February 22. The Ligiw family together with their villagemates vehemently opposed  the entry of the Olympus Mining Company in Licuan-Baay, Abra and other large-scale mining interests in the area, and are members and leaders of Baay Licuan Takderan Umno a Karbengan (BALITOK), an organization affiliated with the province-wide Kakailian Salakniban tay Amin a Nagtaudan (KASTAN).

The military continues to encamp in villages, occupying school buildings, barangay halls and day care centers. It imposed curfew hours and check points that disturbed and hindered the smooth flow of economic life of rural communities. Taking advantage of the summer break, Oplan Bayanihan (OpBay) has made schools inaccessible to students and teachers while classrooms are transformed into barracks. OpBay's 2014 budget of P162 Billion has not only lined the pockets of the generals, but has also provided funds for costly military operations that has no other objective than to cow the civilian population in the countryside into silence.

The militarization of the Cordillera region is now complemented by the ubiquitous hauling of 105 mm howitzers even in tourist spots without regard to the economic loss and effect on the livelihood of the civilian breadwinners. Airdrops of supplies to reconnaissance troops of the military necessitate the cutting and burning  of trees over large tracts of land on mountain ridges that affect watershed covers.

Arbitrary bombardment including rocket barrages by heligunships, as what occurred in Malibcong, Abra and in Sagada, Mountain Province late last year, have resulted in the pronounced loss of livestock, psychological effects on civilians close to the bombings, as well as extensive damage on payaws, communal irrigation canals and gardens. For the military mindset, the lopsided notion is never mind the collateral damage, the ancestral lands should have been declared no man's land anyway.

Civilian casualties are sure to escalate as the AFP has approved the purchase of a dozen 155mm howitzers from Israel at a cost of P368.84 million, along with the purchase of 63,000 high-powered rifles. In addition, the expected signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the arrival of the US Chief Terrorist Barrack Obama at the end of the month will ensure the reestablishment of forward military bases as enclaves for permanent US military aggression in the country. With 50% of its land-based troops now based in the Asia-Pacific area, we can only expect US troops to increasingly engage in an open war of aggression alongside  the puppet AFP especially now that Oplan Bayanihan has failed miserably to achieve its objective of reducing the NPA into an inconsequential force by 2013.

The Cordillera people will surely resist the heightened US military intervention alongside amplified imperialist plunder. A good number of tribes have already steadfastly resisted imperialist plunder.  Likewise the CPDF salutes a parallel number of tribes who contributed their finest sons and daughters to the armed struggle. 

The CPDF salutes and congratulates the different NPA operational commands in the guerilla fronts in the Cordillera region who conducted successful tactical offensives and punitive actions against imperialist corporate interests and the mercenary troops of the 5th Infantry Division and the PNP combat units thrown into the quagmire of counter-insurgency in the region. 

The annihilative tactical offensives in the Ilocos-Cordillera region will surely increase and improve with the formation and training of more units of the people's militia, as well as the recruitment of young proletarian Red fighters into the regular NPA fighting units.

Advance the Cordillera people's revolutionary struggle to a higher stage! 

Now that the war-mongering US-Aquino regime has abandoned the peace talks, it is now up to the revolutionary forces to achieve genuine, just and lasting peace through the overthrow of the despotic and puppet regime. With the “Daang Matuwid” exposed to the core as no different  if not worse than during the previous regimes alongside its unparallel puppetry  to US imperialist, the Filipino people need not wait until 2016 to oust  this Malacanang occupant.

From the graft-ridden 4Ps/Conditional Cash Transfer to the various forms of pork barrel, from the anomalous infrastructure projects to the bidding for the Light Rail Transit maintenance expenses, from the rampant technical smuggling of the Kamag-anak Inc. to the sluggish pace in capturing wanted economic saboteurs up to the point of seemingly protecting these villains, the hands of the Aquino ruling clique have been exposed to the public.

In the Cordillera region, the campaign for the ouster of the US-Aquino regime engages both the ever-broadening and advancing mass movement and the underground revolutionary struggle in the cities and countryside. 

We must hasten the growth and consolidation of CPDF chapters at the barangay level, cluster barangays up to the municipal and inter-municipal formations. As we did before during the dreaded US-Marcos regime when it tried but failed to ram unto our throats the twin World Bank-funded Chico River Multi-Purpose Hydro Power project and  the CelloPhil Project, we must forge multi-lateral peace pacts among the different tribes in the Cordillera in order to muster the widest and sustained resistance against imperialist plunderers and its mercenary army. We must sharpen our spears, reactivate our bitu and other indigenous weapons against our enemies. We must set up and train militia units in every nook and corner of our guerilla bases.  We must boldly launch more tactical offensives to seize more weapons from the enemy, decimate their ranks and build a genuine people's army capable of matching the brigade-sized and division-directed formations of the military. With steadfast resolve, greater victories can be achieved by the Red army.

Let us intensify the people's war and advance the revolutionary struggle to a higher stage. The Cordillera people's revolutionary work is part and parcel of the Filipino struggle for national sovereignty and the defense of the nation's patrimony.

Defend the Ancestral Land, Livelihood, Rights and Resources!
Oust the US-Aquino Regime!
Combat Oplan Bayanihan!


Iloko Version:

Labanan ti Panagtakaw dagiti Imperyalista kadagiti Daga ken Kinabaknang tayo!
Irupir ti Karbengan tayo para iti Bukod-a-Panangngeddeng!

23 April 2013

Ipadanon ti Cordillera People?s Democratic Front (CPDF) ti nabara a kablaaw kadagiti dimmar-ay iti 2014 Cordillera Day iti Guinaang, Pasil, Kalinga. Kasta met kadagiti delegado iti kapada a selebrasyon nga inrussuat dagiti kakadua iti dadduma pay a paset ti lubong. Rebolusyonaryo a panangkablaaw met kadagiti amin a komunidad dagiti nailian a minorya iti Cordillera a dumar-ay met koma iti daytoy a napateg nga aldaw ngem saan da a nabaelan gapu iti nadumaduma a makagapu. 

Napateg ti maika-30 nga anibersaryo ti Cordillera Day gapu ta ipakpakita na ti agtultuloy a panagdur-as ti kontra-imperyalista ken kontra-pasista a tignayan ti umili ken ti panagabante ti rebolusyonaryo a dangadang iti rehiyon. Iti tuloy-tuloy a dangadang tayo, ti pananglagip iti panangpatay kenni Macliing Dulag karaman dagiti martir a lider masa ken Nalabaga a mannakigubat ket natransporma kas selebrasyon ti kolektibo a pannakidangadang ti umili laban iti imperyalista a panangraut kadagiti nailian a minorya. Ti panangirugi iti Macliing Memorial Movement  ket agserbi kas  sapata tayo kadagiti natutured a bannuar ti umili iti Cordillera nga itultuloy tayo ti dangadang agingga a marebbek ti mala-pyudal ken mala-kolonyal a galad  ti gimong a Pilipino nga iturturayan ken patpatalinaeden dagiti agturturay a dasig ken ti amo da nga  imperyalista nga US. 

Kakumpas ti Cordillera Day memorial, indeklara ti Communist Party of the Philippines ti April 22-30 kas National Sovereignty and Patrimony Week tapno lagipen dagiti bannuar ti umili a Pilipino manipud kenni Andres Bonifacio agingga kenni Macliing Dulag, manipud kenni Amado Hernandez agingga kenni Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, manipud kenni Ka Bert Olalia agingga kenni Ka Roger, manipud kenni Teresa Magbanua agingga kenni Juvy Capion. Ken kadagiti amin a natay a lumablaban para iti nailian a panggep ti umili a Pilipino para iti pudno a waya-waya ken demokrasya.

Ti tema a ?Labanan ti Panangtakaw dagiti Imperyalista kadagiti Daga ken Kinabaknang! Irupir ti Karbengan Tayo para iti Bukod-a-Panangngeddeng!,? ket husto ken umno aglalo ta agallungogan ti napigsa a panagsupyat ti umili ti Cordillera iti kumarkaro a panagtakaw ken panaggamgam kadagiti ansestral a daga kagiddan ti militarisasyon kadagiti komunidad dagiti nailian a minorya. 

Imbilang ti National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) ti rehimen nga US-Aquino ti Ifugao ken Apayao kas dua kadagiti pinaka-kurapay a probinsya iti pagilian. Saan met nga umadayo ditoy dagiti dadduma pay a probinsya ti Cordillera. Ti rehiyon a Cordillera ket addaan iti 1% (bimmaba manipud iti 1.3% idi napalabas a tawen) a tantos ti panagdur-as,  kababaan daytoy iti intero a pagilian. Addaan met daytoy ti kababaan a bilang ti nasemento a kalsada nga agarup 55.7%. Iti Apayao, 25% laeng iti national roads ti sementado (kayat na a saoen a maysa laeng a kilometro iti tunggal 4 kilometro ti naaspalto wenno nasemento a kalsada). Sumaruno ti Kalinga no sadino ket 58% ti nasemento a kalsada.

Kas kadagiti naglabas a reaksyonaryo a rehimen, agtultuloy nga ibilbilang ti rehimen nga US-Aquino ti rehiyon a Cordillera kas pagtaudan laeng kadagiti rekurso a magamgam ken magundawayan. Agresresulta daytoy iti pannakaiwalin ken panagbalin nga iskwater dagiti nailian a minorya iti mismo nga ansestral a daga da. Nakaplano iti rehiyon ti 178 power projects a mangsakup iti ginasut a ribo nga ektarya a pakairamanan ti 170 hydropower plants ken 7 geothermal plants. Daytoy ti nangpairteng iti interes dagiti dadakkel a kompanya ti minas a lallalo nga agpalawa para iti large-scale mining (LSM). Karaman kadagitoy ti naiplano a panagarangkada ti pagminasan ti agkasosyo a Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company-Goldfields idiay Mankayan, Benguet, ken ti Cordillera Exploration Company Inc.-Nickel Asia. Kadagiti kabangibang a rehiyon ti Ilocos ken Cagayan,  agtultuloy a lumawlawa met ti offshore mining operations dagiti negosyante a Tsino kadagiti coastal areas.   

Iti kumarkaro a panagbaybay-a ti gobyerno ken nainkagimongan a diskriminasyon kadagiti nailian a minorya, itultuloy met ti rehimen nga US-Aquino a pakpakaruen ti nailian a panangidadanes kadagiti nainsigudan nga umili a dimmanon iti tukad a pannakapunas ti puli. Kas kadagiti maton nga asendero nga agar-aramat kadagiti armas ken goons, us-usaren met ti rehimen nga US-Aquino ti dua nga infantry divisions iti uneg ti Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom)?ti 5th ken 7th divisions? tapno iyablat ti ranggas kadagiti umili a lumablaban. Makilumlumba tapno atiwen dagiti naglabas a reaksyonaryo a rehimen iti panangaramat iti kultura ti siwawaya a panagranggas. Kadaytoy a tawen laeng, impatungpal ti militar dagiti extra-judicial killings a pakaibilangan ti masaker iti intero a pamilya idiay Abra, ti panangpatay iti maysa nga human rights worker idiay Ifugao, ken dua a kaso ti reyp idiay Dilong, Tubo, Abra. 

Iti laksid ti presensya dagiti saksi, inlibak ti 54th ken 86th IBPA ken ti PNP Regional Public Safety Batallion ti akem da iti panangpatay kenni William Bugatti idi March 25, 2014 iti natao a kalsada idiay Ifugao. Ni Bugatti, maysa  a paralegal staff ti Cordillera Human Rights Alliance ken officer-in-charge ti Ifugao Research and Development Center, ket daldaliasaten na ti kalsada idiay Bolog, Kiangan tapno agawid iti balay da idi pinaltogan da isuna. Kasta met nga intudo dagiti saksi dagiti elemento ti 41st IBPA a nangmasaker iti pamilya Ligiw idi March 3. Ngem inuulbod nga impabasol ti AFP iti NPA daytoy. 

Dagiti residente ti sitio Sucao, Domenglay iti Licuan-Baay, Abra ti nangala kadagiti bangkay da Ama Licuben Ligiw, 70, ken ti dua nga annak na a da Eddie, 42 ken Fermin, 30. Nabirokan dagiti bangkay da a naibelleng iti narabaw a tanem kalpasan ti uppat nga aldaw. Maysa kadagiti biktima ti nakaiskedyul a mainterbyu ti Commission on Human Rights idi Marso 4 kalpasan a puersaen isuna ti maysa a yunit ti  41st IB nga agserbi kas gayd ken kalasag iti combat operation da idi Pebrero 22. Napinget a sumupsupyat ti pamilya Ligiw kakuyog dagiti kalugaran da iti panagserrek ti Olympus Mining Company ken dadduma pay a dadakkel a kompanya ti minas iti Licuan-Baay, Abra. Miembro dagiti agaama ken karaman da kadagiti dadaulo ti Baay Licuan Takderan Umno a Karbengan (BALITOK), maysa a progresibo nga organisasyonan ti umili iti Licuan-Baay a nakatipon iti  pangprobinsya nga organisasyon ti umili iti Abra - ti Kakailian Salakniban tay Amin a Nagtaudan (KASTAN).

Agtultuloy ti panagkampo dagiti militar kadagiti eskuelaan, barangay hall ken day care centers. Nagipataw da iti curfew ken tsekpoynt a mangistorbo ken manglapped iti naannayas a pang-ekonomya a biag iti kaaw-awayan. Ginundawayan ti militar ti bakasyon dagiti estudyante tapno usaren kas barracks dagiti eskuelaan. Ti 2014 badyet para iti Oplan Bayanihan (OpBay) nga aggatad ti P162 bilyon ket agserbi saan laeng a pagtaudan ti nayon a kurakot dagiti heneral no di ket para iti nagastos a pangmilitar nga operasyon. Awan  sabali a panggep dagitoy no saan a ti panangiyablat ti ranggas ken pammutbuteng tapno mapaulimek dagiti umili iti kaaw-awayan.

Ti militarisasyon iti Cordillera ket napairteng iti kanayon a panangusar iti 105 mm howitzer uray kadagiti tourist spots nga awan panangikankano iti nakaro a dadael daytoy iti pang-ekonomya a biag dagiti apektado a komunidad ken umili. Tunggal agitinnag kadagiti suplay para iti tropa ti militar nga agop-operasyon, kasapulan ti panangputed ken panangpuor  kadagiti kayo iti nalawa a paset ti bantay a mangapektar iti watershed.

Ti arbitraryo a panagbomba ti militar idiay Malibcong, Abra ken Sagada, Mountain Province idi napalabas a tawen ket nagresulta iti pannakapukaw dagiti livestock, ken na-trauma dagiti sibilyan nga agnanaed iti asideg dagiti lugar a nabomba. Kasta met ti nakaro a dadael kadagiti payaw, communal irrigation canals ken gardens. Awan ti bibiang ti militar kadagitoy a dadael gapu ta paset ti oryentasyon da nga ipatungpal latta ti pangmilitar nga operasyon da uray no adu ti maapektaran nga umili ken komunidad dagiti nailian a minorya.  

Sigurado nga umadu pay ti kaswalti iti intar dagiti sibilyan aglalo ta gumatang ti AFP ti sangadosena nga 155mm howitzers manipud Israel nga aggatad ti P368.84 milyon. Kagiddan daytoy ti pananggatang pay iti 63,000 high-powered rifles. Mainayon pay ti mapadpadaanan a pannakapirma ti Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement inton sumangpet ni US Chief Terrorist Barrack Obama iti maudi a paset daytoy a bulan.  Daytoy ti mangisigurado iti pannakaibangon manen ti base militar ti US iti pagilian. Nakabasen iti Asia-Pacific ti 50% iti tropa ti US, isu a maekspektar ti nair-irteng a panagraut da kakuyog ti aso-aso nga AFP aglalo ta napaay ti OpBay a parmeken ti NPA idi 2013.  

Sigurado a labanan ti umili ti Cordillera ti nair-irteng a pangmilitar nga interbensyon ti US kagiddan ti nakarkaro a panagtakaw dagiti imperyalista kadagiti kinabaknang a masarakan iti rehiyon. Adun a tribu ti sipipinget a lumablaban tapno salakniban ti ansestral a daga ken kinabaknang. Kasta met a saluduan ti CPDF dagiti tribu a nangibaon kadagiti kasasayaatan nga annak da a tumipon iti armado a pannakidangadang. 

Saluduan ken kablaawan ti CPDF dagiti nadumaduma nga NPA operational commands kadagiti larangan a gerilya (LaGer) iti Cordillera a nangisayangkat kadagiti naballigi a taktikal nga opensiba ken aksyon a panagparusa laban iti imperyalista nga interes ken kadagiti mersenaryo a tropa ti 5th Infantry Division ken PNP combat units a naipisok iti gayong-gayong ti kontra-insurhensya a programa da iti rehiyon.

Dagiti anihilatibo a taktikal nga opensiba iti rehiyon nga Ilocos-Cordillera ket sigurado a manayonan ken dumur-as babaen iti panangbukel ken treyning ti ad-adu pay a yunit ti milisyang bayan (MB). Kasta met ti panangrekrut kadagiti agtutubo a parttaym a Nalabaga a mannakigubat a tumipon kas pultaym iti regular a yunit ti NPA. 

Iyabante ti rebolusyonaryo a pannakidangadang ti umili ti Cordillera iti nangatngato a tukad!

Ita a tinallikudan ti utak-pulbura a rehimen nga US-Aquino ti tongtongan iti kappia, addan kadagiti ima dagiti rebolusyonaryo a puersa ti pananggun-od iti pudno, nainkalintegan ken pangmabayagan a kappia babaen iti panangibagsak iti despotiko ken aso-aso a rehimen. Naan-anay a naekspos ti kinakillo ti ?Daang Matuwid? ni Pnoy nga awan pakaidumaan na no saan ket nakarkaro pay ngem dagiti naglabas a rehimen. Awan met ti makaartap iti kina-aso-aso na iti imperyalista nga US. Isu a saanen a kasapulan nga urayen pay ti umili a Pilipino ti 2016 no di ket ita pay laeng ket  patakyasenen  ti rehimen nga US-Aquino.   

Manipud iti napnuan korapsyon nga 4Ps/Conditional Cash Transfer  agingga kadagiti nadumaduma a porma ti pork barrel, dagiti maanomalya nga imprastruktura a proyekto agingga iti bidding para iti meyntenans ti Light Rail Transit (LRT), ti nasaknap a teknikal ismagling ti Kamag-anak Inc., agingga iti nabuntog a panangtiliw kadagiti naimpluwensya a kriminal a kasla protprotektaran ni Pnoy. Dagitoy ti mangipakita iti napateg nga akem ni Aquino ken ti bunggoy na iti panangipatungpal kadagitoy a bulok nga aramid. 

Iti Cordillera, ti kampanya para iti panangpatakyas iti rehimen nga US-Aquino ket agpada a mangar-aramat iti lumawlawa ken umab-abante a tignayan a masa ken ti nalimed a rebolusyonaryo a pannakidangadang iti syudad ken kaaw-awayan.

Masapul a papartaken tayo ti panagpaadu ken konsolidasyon dagiti tsapter ti CPDF iti tukad-baryo, cluster dagiti agkakabangibang a baryo agingga kadagiti municipal ken inter-municipal a pormasyon. Kas iti narimat ken naimballigian a padas tayo iti pannakidangadang laban iti Chico River Multi-Purpose Hydro Power project ken ti CelloPhil Project idi panawen ti rehimen nga US-Marcos, masapul a buklen tayo dagiti multi-lateral peace pacts iti intar dagiti nadumaduma a tribu iti Cordillera. Maysa daytoy kadagiti  pamuspusan tapno magun-od ti kalalawaan, katitibkeran ken pinaka-sustenido a pannakidangadang  ti umili laban kadagiti agtatakaw nga imperyalista ken ti kakumplot da a mersenaryo a militar. Masapul a patademen dagiti gayang tayo, agaramid kadagiti bitu ken dadduma pay a nainsigudan nga armas a mausar laban kadagiti kabusor tayo. Masapul a buklen ken sanayen dagiti yunit milisya kadagiti base a gerilya tayo. Masapul a pursigido nga isayangkat tayo ti ad-adu pay a taktikal nga opensiba tapno makasamsam iti ad-adu nga armas manipud iti kabusor, pakapsuten ti intar da, ken ibangon ti pudno nga hukbo ti umili nga addaan kabaelan a batogan ti brigade-sized ken division-directed  a pormasyon ti militar. Iti panagtalinaed ti natibker a pangngeddeng iti intar dagiti Nalabaga a mannakigubat, magun-od ti ad-adu pay a balligi.

Pairtengen tayo ti gubat ti umili ken iyabante ti rebolusyonaryo a dangadang iti nangatngato a tukad. Ti rebolusyonaryo a trabaho dagiti umili ti Cordillera ket paset ti dangadang ti umili a Pilipino para iti nailian a soberanya ken ti panangsalaknib iti patrimonya ti pagilian.

Salakniban ti Ansestral a Daga, Pagbiagan, Karbengan ken Kinabaknang!
Patakyasen ti Rehimen nga US-Aquino!
Labanan ti Oplan Bayanihan!