Wage mass struggles and guerrilla warfare to defeat the AFP’s campaign of suppression in Mindanao!

Ang Bayan
May 21, 2014

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest terms possible the intensified war of suppression being carried out by the Aquino regime and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) against the peasant masses and Lumad communities, as well as against the Moro people, across the different regions in Mindanao. The aim is to suppress the people’s resistance, both their democratic mass struggles and their revolutionary armed movement, in order to pave the way for the entry of big foreign mining, logging and plantation operations in various parts of Mindanao.

The CPP joins the Filipino people in condemning the Aquino regime for squandering billions of pesos for its heightened military campaign in Mindanao while the majority of the people continue to wallow in poverty. At the same time, the Aquino regime adamantly refuses to heed the people’s demand for rehabilitation in the areas devastated by supertyphoon Pablo in December 2012. Worse, it has allowed mining and logging firms to continue its operations even in the towns which suffered destructive mudflows resulting from widespread denudation.

The CPP also joins the widespread condemnation of the AFP’s campaigns of suppression against the people of Talaingod, Davao del Norte. Similar operations have been carried out by the AFP in the towns of Maco, Maragusan and Mabini, all in Compostela Valley; in Loreto, Butuan City and Cabadbaran in Agusan del Sur; and other areas. Cases of human rights abuses are rapidly increasing. Military troops make use of schools, day care centers and other village facilities as barracks.

Farms and environs are bombed or shelled, endangering the lives of people and traumatizing residents, especially children. Residents are accused of being supporters of the NPA and forced to serve as guides for the soldiers in their operations. Communities have been subjected to hamletting. AFP operating troops have imposed food and economic blockades, resulting in grave hardships among the people. Invariably, AFP soldiers have systematically promoted gambling, drug use and other antisocial activities in order to cause divisions among the people. Cases of rape and sexual violations against young women are on the rise.

The people’s revolutionary movement is in complete solidarity with the demand to end the destructive and plunderous logging, mining and plantation operations that these abusive AFP military campaigns protect. The NPA continues to carry out the CPP’s directive to punish and drive away the biggest plunderers in order to make available land for land reform and preserve the ancestral lands of the Lumad. Recently, the NPA succeeded in disabling large-scale mining equipment of Asia Alston in Agusan del Norte and the Apex Mining Company in Compostela Valley. It has carried out a campaign to put a stop to widespread logging operations in Compostela Valley being run by military officials and bureaucrat capitalists in collaboration with officials of the Aquino regime.

In light of the widespread abuses, grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law and the vile aim of the AFP’s Oplan Bayanihan brutal campaign of suppression, the Communist Party of the Philippines calls on the Filipino people to unite and demand an immediate end to all offensive military operations and the withdrawal of all operating troops from civilian communities.

The CPP enjoins all peace-loving groups, human rights advocates, lawyers, church and religious workers, student organizations, media associations and progressive people’s groups across the Philippines to take up the cause of the people of Mindanao against the AFP’s intensified war of suppression. They should actively look into the situation in Mindanao and help expose the grave abuses and brutalities being committed by the AFP in the course of its war against the people.

The CPP calls on Filipinos abroad to organize and mobilize in order to come to the aid of the people of Mindanao. Solidarity groups of people who hail from Mindanao can be organized to spearhead an international campaign to expose the AFP’s war of suppression in their home towns and provinces. They can strive to draw international attention to the situation in Mindanao in order to expose the lies and illusions being peddled by the US-Aquino regime.

The CPP applauds the peasant organizations and Lumad groups, as well as the progressive organizations among the workers, students, urban poor, religious, teachers, environmental advocates, media, government employees and other democratic sectors in Mindanao, who have stood up and resisted the AFP’s all-out war of suppression. They have stood their ground in the face of harassment, threats, abductions and arrests carried out by the AFP against the people.

The CPP also urges the Moro forces to continue waging revolutionary armed resistance in order to frustrate the US-Aquino regime’s plan to allow foreign big mining companies to plunder the land and rob the Moro people of their rich natural resources.

The CPP applauds all Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army in Mindanao for continuing to seize the initiative in waging extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare. They have adeptly frustrated the AFP’s sustained and concentrated attacks by employing the tactics of shifting, dispersal and concentration to avoid decisive engagements, luring the enemy deep and launching tactical offensives that they are sure of winning.

Despite its use of a greater number of troops over the past month of operations, the AFP has yet to inflict a decisive blow against against any NPA unit. Hundreds of people’s militia units are rapidly being mobilized in order to pursue and harass all AFP operating troops. AFP units continue to punch the air and are fast growing tired and wary of the people’s army and the people’s militias. Their fear of the people and their army, in turn, makes them more desperate and brutal.

The CPP calls on the five regional commands of the New People’s Army across Mindanao to continue efforts to intensify the people’s war by launching ever more frequent and bigger tactical offensives against the enemy. The large-scale operations of the AFP open innumerable opportunities to carry out tactical offensives against the enemy’s weak points. The NPA and units of the people’s militias can launch small unit operations without letup in order to take advantage of all opportunities to strike at the enemy and make it bleed from a thousand wounds. At the same time, NPA commanders at the regional and interregional levels can plan out special operations to deal massive head blows with great political impact.

All units of the NPA in Luzon and the Visayas continue to wage extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare in their respective regions and areas of operations. Tactical offensives have been carried out in various provinces over the past month, particularly in Northern Samar, Camarines Norte, Sorsogon, Masbate, Palawan, Batangas, Quezon, Ilocos Sur, Mountain Province and Cagayan.

In the face of the large-scale and brutal war of suppression being waged by the AFP against the people in Mindanao, there is particular urgency to carry out a campaign to launch bigger and more frequent tactical offensives across the country. Such a campaign must be carried out to extend support to the NPA units in Mindanao that are now confronting one of the biggest and longest AFP campaigns of suppression in history. The New People’s Army must project its strength and unity against the brutalities and abuses being committed by the AFP in Mindanao.

All Party committees and NPA commands must help counter and derail the AFP’s all-out war of suppression in Mindanao. Every NPA regional, subregional and front operations command can contribute to this effort by launching ambushes, raids and other tactical offensives against the weak points of the enemy, including police, army or CAFGU checkpoints, isolated detachments or police stations and detached supply teams.

They can carry out the arrest of enemy officers accused of war crimes or notorious criminals in order to subject them to trial. They can target the destruction of enemy camps, military trucks, helicopters, fuel depots and other supply points through sapper operations and the proper deployment of command-detonated explosives or incendiary weapons. They can carry out punitive actions against the big plunderers of the environment such as mining, logging and plantation operations. All units of the people’s militias must also be mobilized in this effort.

By seizing the initiative in waging people’s war and launching bigger and more frequent tactical offensives, the NPA also directly contributes to the Filipino people’s campaign to put an end to the much-detested puppet, corrupt, brutal and mendacious Aquino regime.

In carrying out and intensifying extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare across the country, the New People’s Army is bound to frustrate the all-out war of suppression of the AFP and the Aquino regime in Mindanao and emerge stronger and more capable of waging and advancing the people’s war. With the people’s inexhaustible support, the NPA will prove itself unstoppable as it marches forward from the current stage of strategic defensive of the people’s war to the next stage of strategic stalemate.

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