CPP congratulates Filipino people for SC decision against DAP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 02, 2014

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today extended its congratulations to the Filipino people over the decision yesterday by the Supreme Court declaring the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional. which can serve to boost their struggle for the complete abolition of the pork barrel system and make the Aquino regime responsible for plunder and corruption.

The Supreme Court yesterday submitted to mounting opposition against the DAP and it as a violation of the 1987 Philippine constitution. However, in the hope of shielding Benigno Aquino III from possible impeachment and post-term criminal charges, the Supreme Court said its' decision pertains only to "specific parts" of the DAP, which can be used as a legal workaround for Aquino to avoid culpability. There is also talk that the Supreme Court will declare that criminal liability over the use of the DAP is applicable only to future transgressions.

The DAP is a system concocted by the Aquino regime which gives Aquino the prerogative to disbursing hundreds of billions of public funds according to his discretion. The Aquino regime is accused of having disbursed several millions of pesos of unpogrammed funds to senators in the period following the senate vote removing former Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona from office.

"With the Supreme Court decision against the DAP, there is a growing clamor for the filing of impeachment charges against Aquino to make him culpable for large-scale improper allocation of public funds," said the CPP. "It is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court resolution declaring the DAP as unconstitutional will spur the congressional impeachment of Aquino, knowing that both the congress and senate are dominated by political allies of the ruling Aquino clique who have benefitted from releases of the DAP and the PDAF under the Aquino regime," said the CPP.

"Still, such filing of an impeachment resolution in the Lower House will help identify and isolate Aquino's allies in congress who have long benefitted from the DAP and PDAF and who refuse to hold the pork barrel king responsible for crimes and congressional transgressions," said the CPP.

The CPP further pointed out that "with the SC decision on the DAP, Aquino and his ruling political clique will more than ever seek to hold on to power in order to escape criminal prosecution, in the same way that the past two reactionary presidents were charged and incarcerated for crimes of plunder and corruption."

"This further underscores the importance of exerting all out effort to expose, isolate and oust the Aquino regime before the 2016 elections by carrying out widespread people's assemblies in communities, schools, factories, offices, churches and so on in order to serve as venues for the people to voice out their grievance against the Aquino regime and its lies under the illusory 'righteous path' and 'good government'," said the CPP.

"The Filipino people must consolidate their disgust over the Aquino regime and make it responsible for widespread unemployment, low wages, rising prices of food and medicine, landlessness and increasing cases of landgrabbing, national treachery in the signing of the EDCA and allowing all-out US military presence in the country, tuition increases in public and private schools, criminal abandonment of millions of calamity victims, continuing the policy of exporting migrant labor, increasingly large number of military abuses of human rights, waging all-out war against the peasant masses, corruption in the awarding of large government contracts to pro-Aquino oligarchs, the use of pork barrel funds to ensure political loyalties and other such crimes. "

"The Filipino people must wage massive political struggle to oust the Aquino regime and put an end to his puppet, rotten, mendacious and brutal rule," said the CPP.