Notorious 60th IB Suffers Eight Casualties In NPA Ambush In Kapalong, Davao del Norte

Ka Aris Francisco
NPA - Comval-North Davao South Agusan Sub-regional Command

July 30, 2014

Two fascist troops were killed and six others were wounded when Red Fighters under the Comval-North Davao South Agusan Sub-regional Command ambushed a platoon of 60th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army in Sitio Kapatagan, Barangay Gupitan, Kapalong, Davao del Norte at 6am on July 29, 2014.

The NPA also seized from them 1 m60 machine gun and 1 m16 cobra, 4 pieces military packs, 4 cellphones, 500 rounds of machine gun ammunitions and 300 k3 rifle bullets.

The NPA's tactical offensive served as punishment against a notorious army unit responsible for various atrocities against the masses.

In its combat and intelligence operations in Kapalong, the 60th IB occupied village centers and dwelled in civilian houses, prohibited the masses from going to their farms, used children as guides for their patrol operations, harassed leaders of mass organizations and butchered members of underground organizations.

The fascist troops also issued stern warnings to residents that they would suffer the blows in the event of any NPA attack against the military.

Army units under the 10th ID-Eastern Mindanao Command have always employed ruthless methods by hurting unarmed masses as their easiest and spineless route to fight the revolutionary movement.

Failing to stymie NPA's intensified tactical offensives and revolutionary struggle, units like the 60th IB attempt to win the battle by taking the most cowardly and desperate approach through sheer fascism.

They only gain the hatred of the masses as they suffer more and more casualties in the battlefield.

Their dastardly  and brutal act further exposes Oplan Bayanihan as a killing machine policy of a fascist regime led by a corrupt and lying imperialist puppet commander-in-chief.

As calls for the ouster of Benigno Aquino III from presidency snowball and gain ground, the NPA will continue to launch tactical offensives versus the enemy and advance the People's War.