Resist Aquino’s cha-cha and term extension scheme [ANG BAYAN 2014AUG21]

Ang Bayan
August 21, 2014

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urgently calls on the Filipino people to wage intense struggle against the Aquino clique’s moves to extend its stay in power through Marcos-style measures .

The Aquino clique is targeting the amendment of the 1987 constitution (cha-cha) in order to clip the Supreme Court’s powers to stop Aquino from doing as he pleases. Like Marcos, Aquino wants the other branches of the reactionary government to become his rubberstamps and serve as mere facades to conceal his dictatorial conduct.

The Aquino clique, especially its minions in Congress, is likewise focused on amending the constitution to allow Aquino to extend his current term or run for a second term. Its members are now in a mad scramble to create the illusion of mass support for Aquino in order for him to stay in power after Aquino stated that he was open to such a possibility if it was in accordance with “his bosses’ wishes.”