AFP is despicable for badgering Jennifer's fiancé

It is despicable how the top leadership of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is ganging up on, and badgering, Mr. Marc Sueselbeck, the fiancé of murder victim Jennifer Laude, and demanding that he be declared "persona non grata" and deported from the country.

No less than the chief-of-staff of the AFP is raising hell against Susselbeck who last October 21 climbed the wired fence surrounding the the compound of the Joint US Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG) which houses the tempororay cell holding US serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton, the prime suspect in the killing of Laude. Susselbeck was with Laude's family and trespassed the compound with Jennifer's sister Marilou.

Climbing the fence was clearly an act of frustration after camp officials repeatedly ignored the pleas of the Laude family to verify the presence of Pemberton in the compound. Pemberton was reported to have been transferred to the compound after being detained aboard the USS Peleliu.  Laude was seen with Pemberton just a few minutes before she was discovered brutally murdered inside a motel room in Olongapo City last October 12.

The Filipino people share in the frustration of the Laude family. They and their lawyers, as well as police investigators, have been denied access to Pemberton. Even the police have not even been allowed to interview him or collect fingerprints and DNA samples.

US officials have been keeping custody of Pemberton and have refused to allow Philippine officials from gaining access to him. The US government claims such authority over their servicemen suspected or accused of crimes under the provisions of the Visiting Forces Agreement which is in outright violation of Philippine national sovereignty.

Susselbeck has since expressed regret for trespassing into the JUSMAG compound. The AFP, however, vigorously refuses to listen to any apology and is dipslaying disproportionate outrage over the incident.

The AFP and the Aquino regime have not even expressed sympathy for the Laude family lest they court the displeasure of the US military and US government. The AFP chief himself has pinned a medal on the soldier guarding the fenced compound of the US for blocking Mr. Susselbeck in a clear show of contempt for the Laudes and display of loyalty and service to their US military patrons.