Condemn the AFP for killing Lumad farmers with excessive brutality

Communist Party of the Philippines
October 18, 2014

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the AFP and its 66th Infantry Battalion for killing with excessive brutality a Lumad father and son on October 12 in Tubog, Manurigao, New Bataan, Compostela Valley.

Rolando Dagansan, 43 and his son Juda, 15, were carrying newly harvested corn from their farm in Sitio  Kabityan and walking towards their home in Sitio Taytayan when they were attacked by the fascist troops of the 66th IB's Alpha Company commanded by Lt. Col. Michael Logico. The Dagansans belong to the Mandaya Lumad group.

The bodies of the Dagansans were mutilated with so many gunshot wounds inflicted by the frenzied soldiers. Rolando's arm was torn off his body, and both had their faces ripped off by the use of excessive force.

The ruthless killing of the Dagansans belie the claims of the AFP that its soldiers "were taken by surprise" and "mistook" the father and son for NPA fighters.

To cover up the brutality, AFP officers are projecting fake remorse over their killing of the Mandaya peasants. In reality, AFP units carry out the most ruthless attacks against unarmed civilians in the conduct of their Oplan Bayanihan war against the people.

Contrary to its claims of respecting human rights, AFP soldiers are oriented to regard the civilian population in the guerrilla zones as their enemies who must be suppressed, terrorized and cowed. The so-called medical and dental missions that are initiated and carried out by armed units of the AFP instead of civilian agencies are nothing but cunning attempts to camouflage the brutalities of its Oplan Bayanihan.