CPP hails heroic armed revolutionary resistance of Kurds against ISIS

Communist Party of the Philippines
October 13, 2014

The Communist Party of the  Philippines (CPP) hails the revolutionary Kurdish people in their heroic armed resistance against the renewed assaults of the ISIS in the town of Kobane (or Ayn al-Arab), in the northern border of Syria just south of Turkey.

Despite being outgunned, the people of Kobane through the YPG or People's Protection Units, have so far succeeded in repelling the onslaught of the ISIS invaders. The Kurdish armed resistance has succeeded in inflicting heavy casualties on the ISIS.

Over the past month, more than 300 ISIS troops have been killed in their assaults against Kobane, while the YPG has lost over 200. Over the past two days of fierce gunbattles, the ISIS lost close to 40 of its armed men. The ISIS is set to mount a renewed onslaught on Kobane by deploying several more thousand armed troops and concentrating more firepower in an attempt to overrun Kobane. In seeking to take control of Kobane, the ISIS seeks to control a large stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border.

The CPP join the Kurdish people in condemning the government of Turkey for imposing a blockade against the Rojava area while allowing the free flow into the border territories controlled by ISIS. The CPP expresses solidarity with the massive demonstrations in Turkey condemning the inaction of the Turkish government in the face of threats of massacres in Kobane.

Kobane is one of three cantons (political unit) within the Rojava region (West Kurdistan or Northern Syria) where the Kurdish people have established autonomous administrative bodies. The Kurdish people have long been struggling for self-determination to establish an independent state in the area straddling northern Syria, southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran and northern Iraq.

For over a year now, the ISIS has subjected Kobane to attacks and blockades to force the people to surrender to ISIS brutalities. Scores of towns have been overrun by the ISIS in its drive to carve a territory in the border region between Iraq and Syria through sheer brutality and terror. Its aim is to seize control of the rich oil fields in the area.

ISIS has employed relentless brutalities and carried out massacres and rape against thousands of people. The armed Kurdistan fighters have been the most effective and widespread resistance movement against the ISIS.