Intensify mass struggles against repression [ANG BAYAN 2014 Dec 07]

Ang Bayan
December 7, 2014


The Communist Party of the Philippines salutes the Filipino people as they give their all in defending their human rights in the face of the US-Aquino regime's relentless Oplan Bayanihan campaign of suppression. The courage shown by the toiling masses, especially the peasantry and minority peoples in confronting the brutality of operating troops of the AFP is truly praiseworthy.

Of particular note is the struggle of the peasants and Lumad people of Mindanao to defend their human rights. Their militancy and determination are the correct response to brutal military operations, in order to defeat the AFP's attempts to intimidate and silence them to submission and retreat and pave the way for the plunder of the natural resources found in their uplands and plains.

Those who joined the almost month-long protest action dubbed Manilakbayan ng Mindanao 2014 displayed commendable bravery and heroism. From Mindanao to the Visayas, from the Bicol region to Southern Tagalog, and from Mendiola to Liwasang Bonifacio in the national capital, about 300 Lumad leaders and representatives exposed and assailed the wanton trampling of their human rights and the destruction of the fruits of their efforts and struggle.