Condemn US violations of Philippine sovereignty in Mamasapano operations and US war of terror

Communist Party of the Philippines
16 February 2015

The Filipino people must stand firmly in condemning the US government and military for having instigated, planned, commanded and executed the January 25 operation to assassinate Zulkifli Bin Hir (Marwan) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. The operation sparked a fierce gunbattle between the police elite troopers and local Moro fighters that resulted in the deaths of around 70 people, including civilian residents.

The US government and military have committed grave violations of Philippine sovereignty. The Filipino people demand the ouster of Benigno Aquino III for his culpability in having allowed a foreign military force to trample on Philippine sovereignty with impunity.

The Filipino people condemn the US government and the US Embassy in Manila for concealing the truth about the US role in the Mamasapano operation. They demand that a full disclosure of the role of the US military be made. They do not expect the truth to be completely revealed in the ongoing public hearings being conducted by senators and congressmen, who are wont to veer away from digging the truth about the interference of the US government in Philippine domestic affairs.

Information from various sources, including disgruntled police personnel confirm the lead role of the US military in the planning and execution of the Mamasapano operation of the PNP Special Action Forces (SAF). The JSOTF-P provided the 84th and 55th SAF companies training facilities inside the Vista del Mar resort, which has long been known as an American military facility in Zamboanga City.

The US military provided the so-called intelligence packet that identified Marwan's location. To pinpoint Marwan, it paid local guides and flew surveillance drones over the area days before the operation. It chose to use the SAF's 84th Seaborne Company. US officers directed the operation through the tactical command post in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao. An American officer named Allan Konz was the real commander of the Mamasapano operation who worked with and issued instructions to PNP-SAF commander Gen. Getulio NapeƱas. They worked closely with American forces manning the US drone facility in Zamboanga City.

Contrary to claims by Aquino, there was no plan of "arresting" Marwan. The plan of the US, rather, was to carry out Marwan's assassination or summary execution. The removal of Marwan's finger for DNA testing was also planned beforehand. The finger was immediately sent to General Santos City, where a forensics team from the Federal Bureau of Investigation was waiting to receive it.

The US military, through the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines (JSOTF-P), has long been planning to assassinate Marwan in the Philippines. In February 2012, the US military armed and trained the AFP to drop so-called "smart bombs" in Jolo, Sulu targetting Marwan killing 15 civilians.

The Filipino people must condemn US interventionism and violations of Philippine sovereignty in the Mamasapano operation, from violating Philippine airspace in operating surveillance drones, planning and conducting an armed operation inside Philippine territory, carrying out an assassination operation in violation of Philippine criminal laws, training police units and clandestinely taking command of these in violation of the PNP chain-of-command and others.

The Filipino people must condemn the Aquino regime for collaborating with the US military in conducting the Mamasapano operations in violation of Philippine sovereignty.

The Filipino people must reject the notion that the so-called "war against terrorism" is borderless. They must condemn the likes of Sen. Trillanes and his ilk of pro-US interventionism who are ever willing to surrender Philippine sovereignty to allow the US military to operate and intensify their war of terror. The claims of a "global war" are being propagated by the US imperialists and their apologists to justify US military interventionism and violations of sovereignty not only in the Philippines.

In an effort to control oil resources, trade routes and expand its spheres of influence, the US imperialists has been intensifying its brutal and terrorist wars of aggression and intervention as in Kuwait, Iraq, Afgahanistan, the Balkans, in the Africas and elsewhere. It has supported Israel with weapons and military financing in waging a genocidal war against Palestine. In these countries, US imperialist aggression and intervention have caused widespread deaths of civilians and instigated extremist violence.

The Filipino people must reiterate their demand for an end to US military presence and an end to the Mutual Defense Treaty, the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and all other treaties that allow the US military to violate Philippine sovereignty with impunity.