Hold the US and the Aquino regime accountable for the bloody battle at Mamasapano

Ang Bayan
February 07, 2015

All sectors must unite to hold the US government and the Aquino regime accountable for the bloody battle at Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25 that resulted in the killing of 44 men of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF), 18 Moro fighters and seven civilians.

The attacks on civilians and the bloody clash were formed part of Operation Plan (OPlan) Wolverine, an assassination plan targeting Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman, both alleged officers of Jemaah Islamiyah included in the "US terrorist list." The US State Department has offered rewards of up to $9 million for their capture.

The pursuit operations against Marwan were part and parcel of the Obama regime's program of assassinating or abducting persons branded as terrorists. On many occasions, these operations are conducted overseas without so much as informing or seeking permission from the governments of those countries. Aside from transgressing on those countries' sovereignty, such operations are contrary to the principle of due process and violate International Humanitarian Law.

The US' global war on terrorism has engendered an endless spiral of intensifying violence against those the US perceives as "terrorists." Most of them emerged from the ruins of US wars of occupation, especially in the Middle East, where the US used unbridled violence against entire nations, communities and peoples. Some of them were former personnel or assets trained by the US, such as the founders of Abu Sayyaf. The US war on terror involves whipping up racism and religious chauvinism.

The Obama regime has further intensified assassination operations against the US' perceived enemies. It has indiscriminately used weapons of mass destruction. It does not discriminate between armed forces and civilian communities. In 2012, the US mobilized the AFP to drop "smart bombs" on Jolo, Sulu ostensibly to kill Marwan, even if the targets were civilian communities, and among those killed were several religious leaders in the area.

Oplan Wolverine was formulated and hatched by US imperialists. US intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency led efforts to monitor Marwan using drones and electronic surveillance. Residents saw a number of foreign officers mingling with the PNP-SAF troops on operation, and said that among the dead was a foreign soldier whose body was immediately taken by elements of the US Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines who arrived soon after the fighting ended.

Oplan Wolverine was zealously implemented by Benigno Aquino III, the US' obedient puppet. Aquino has been servilely turning a blind eye to the trampling of Philippine sovereignty through unbridled US military intervention. Aquino likewise rode roughshod on the PNP chain of command and mobilized his most loyal officer to use the PNP-SAF personnel as cannon fodder in the attack on Mamasapano even if the latter was a bastion of the Aquino government's armed enemies.

The slain PNP-SAF elements were wantonly sacrificed by Aquino on the altar of his imperialist master's terrorist war. In accordance with US training and directives, the PNP-SAF troops wreaked havoc in the civilian community. A house was indiscriminately fired upon on mere suspicion that the targeted "terrorists" were living there. At least seven civilians were killed in Mamasapano, including an 8-year old girl. Thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate.

The exposure of Aquino's puppetry to the US has further isolated him from the Filipino people. His violation of the PNP's chain of command, his abuse of power and erroneous directives have resulted in massive casualties, which in turn have generated widespread disenchantment among policemen and soldiers, and even some high-ranking PNP and AFP officers.

The entire nation must unite against the Aquino puppet regime and its officers who pushed the PNP troopers to their death in accordance with US directives. PNP and AFP officers and troops must be encouraged to unite with the Filipino people as they take action to oust Aquino from power. It has become starkly clear that the government they have been defending is corrupt and is an imperialist lackey.

Continuing US military intervention in the Philippines must be relentlessly exposed. Growing US military presence in the country must be resisted, along with all unequal military treaties with the US that trample on Philippine sovereignty and are being used as pretexts for intensifying US military intervention in the country.