Hold The US-Aquino Regime Accountable For The Mamasapano Tragedy

Ka Frank Fernandez
Spokesperson, NDF Negros
February 9, 2015

National Democratic Front – Negros Island, highly condemns the Mamasapano bloody encounter and hold accountable the US – Aquino Regime for sacrificing the lives of both the government troops, the PNP-SAF and its supposed ally, the MILF and its adversary, the BIFF and even the civilians and an American soldier, all for the glory of the US war on terror. The act is an utter disregard of the country’s national sovereignty. And for his pathetic and  insensitive gestures and remarks after, especially when he opted to be present in the inauguration of the Mitsubishi plant in Bataan, rather than attend the arrival of the fallen SAF 44.

How can the President - Commander-in-Chief direct a war without a proper chain of command, careful planning, proper coordination, trust and confidence in its machinery that would do battle against the perceived enemy of the state?  Is it all because of its lack of trust and confidence to the AFP, PNP and some government officials or is it because of their greed for the almost $9 million bounty reward for the killing of Marwan, that P-noy entrusted the mission to its  suspended best friend, Allan Purisima rather than to the proper officials? Aquino only aggravated the rift or the professional jealousy between the PNP and AFP - an act befitting of the country’s president.

Who massacred who? Recently, findings of SAF brutally killing the unarmed MILF and civilians are slowly unfolding, while the insensitive and tactless declarations of some government officials accuse the MILF and BIFF of the so “called” massacre  of the 44 PNP-SAF. Both sides are accusing its other of starting the battle. At the end of the day, facts single out the US-Aquino regime as the culprit behind the bloody encounter at the Mamasapano on that fateful day of January 25, 2015.

The US War on terror is spreading all over the world. It ignites the religious-cultural, clannish or even tribal wars among the people of one nation or between two rival countries like South and North Korea. Philippines has been declared by no other than the imperialist United States , as the forward station base of the US Armed Forces in its Asia-Pacific hegemonic rule. It wants to show the world what Pax Americana is, In its effort to revive its status as the police of the world, a superpower.

With neo-liberal policy or the Washington concensus, the US imperialist (USI) tries to save its economy now in chronic depression, and now with emphasis on the high-tech war production, thus the war on terror. War is a lucrative business after all.

With the signing of EDCA and the passage of VFA in the Phils., the USI is allowed to intervene  in our state affairs clandestinely or openly. They are allowed to go in and out of the Phils., and commit crimes in the country and go home to Uncle Sam scot-free. They can rape as many women and children as they can, kill every civilian they may be in conflict with, and leave the country free from any criminal liability. With the liberalization of mining and foreign investments allowed, they can plunder the country’s patrimony as long and as vast as their caprices dictate. In short, they are allowed to encroach and even trample upon our national sovereignty with impunity.

The US – Aquino is guilty of betrayal of the nation’s interest. It is unmasking itself of its true color, a fascist landlord-comprador bourgeoise president who allowed the massacre of the poor peasants of Had. Luisita struggling for a piece of their land which the Cojuangcos grabbed from them.

The Cojuangcos’ legacy of thievery and treason. The Cojuangcos’ legacy of submission  to foreign domination and betrayal of the nation’s interest by collaborating with the enemy, lives on. History reveals that the great, great grandfather of P-noy, Julio Cojuangco was a traitor who allowed the use of his warehouse for the American soldiers during the Filipino-American war in 1899-1902, in exchange for a free cargo freight of palay he would deliver to Manila from Tarlac. A gargantuan sum of money was amassed by Julio because of this scheme. Almost 1/5 of the Filipino population was manslaughtered during the Fil-Am war by the American soldiers.

The history of how the Cojuangcos amassed their wealth also divulge that the money collected from the revolutionary tax of the Filipino people preparing for a war against the US in 1899 collected by the then General Antonio Luna, who was the secret lover of Isidra, the elder sister of Julio, was entrusted by Luna to Isidra when he was to report to Cavite. Unfortunately, Luna did not reach Cavite for he was assassinated. No one knows where the money collected from revolutionary tax was kept, except Isidra. As dishonest and as cunning as she is, Isidra did not surrender the money entrusted to her by Gen. Luna.

She used this million of pesos in her usury business in Central Luzon. Peasants would borrow money at high interest rate from her with a piece of their land as collateral. Failure to pay at the due date would mean that peasants lose their lands in favor of Isidra. As early as 1960, she accumulated an amount of 6 million from being a loan shark and accumulated almost 12,000 hectares of land in Central Luzon. Such a contemptible act!

Now, P-noy is doing both what his great, great grandfather and grandmother did. He is collaborating with the enemy of the people, the USI and is committing a robbery in broad daylight being the “Pork Barrel King”. Ironically, what turns out to be a “staunch fighter” against corruption, is now considered by the Filipino people as the “corruption and disaster king”.  He deserves to be impeached if he would not resign.

And who is the real terrorist? Is it Marwan? Definitely, not the MILF and BIFF or the PNP-SAF. It is the IUS who brutally killed thousands of Filipinos in the Fil-Am War. Remember the “Kill all above Ten” policy of the US in the Phils, that slaughtered the Filipino people struggling for national liberation. Remember why the .45 caliber pistol was invented in 1911? It was because the  Springfield and Krag and  revolvers of the American soldiers cannot deter  the “Kris” of the Moros who are determined to resist the American rule. Thus, a higher firepower was invented. Despite the invention of .45, caliber pistol, many American soldiers too were killed by the Moros defending their lands and lives.

The US is hands-on in its War of Terror in the Phils. The Mamasapano incident is a warning message for the Filipinos resisting US rule in the Phils. – that it must conquer the wealth of Mindanao “by hook or by crook”. The peacetalks between the GPH and the MILF is one of the diplomatic methods to coopt the MILF to the Manila government of US-Aquino. It is devoid of sincerity and is full of treachery. It deliberately derail the peace process so it can wage an all-out war against Mindanao. The reactionary government offers peace, but  unsheaths its sword of war against the Moro people simultaneously, by instigating a battle like the Mamasapano encounter. A  strategy of the US Counter-insurgency campaign.

How can justice for the fallen SAF, MILF, BIFF and the civilians be achieved? Truth must be uncovered. Only by having a strong unity among the Filipino people including the soldiers and police, by removing Aquino in the presidency and hold him accountable for his  crime of treason, corruption, incompetence and betrayal of public trust, can justice be served.

Aquino must resign! Junk the EDCA, VFA, MLSA and other unfair, lopsided treaties! Down with US Imperialism!